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Gender Violence in India Report 2014: Prenatal Sex Selection, Foeticide & Infanticide

Practices like female infanticide, female foeticide and prenatal sex selection have resulted in chronically low female-to-male sex ratios throughout India.

Sex selection is defined as “any procedure, technique, test or administration or prescription or provision of anything for the purpose of ensuring or increasing the probability that an embryo will be of a particular sex“. 690 more words

Gender Violence In India Report 2014

River Deep: The Pain, and Dance

Notes for the readers: This is my attempt at crafting a poetic, fictional narrative of a mother and her girl, and their shared wounds. This is also my humble tribute to the battered women of India, suffering the pangs of domestic violence, sexual abuse and the evils of female infanticide. 898 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

The unspoken curse

21 years ago, when babies were born at home rather than in a hospital, my voice echoed the near-empty hallway of my grandparents’ villa. The resonating sound of my cries came along with pain-stricken screams of my mother; she had undergone a painful 8 hour of labor before giving birth to me. 1,414 more words


Angry she was a #girl, father strangles and dumps his newborn - via Times of #India

5 November 2014, Howrah, W. Bengal

Angry his wife had given birth to a girl, a man killed his new born child within hours of her birth and dumped her body on the river banks. 24 more words

The F word

I am a feminist.

I wanted to start off by declaring this, in an effort to remove all the negative power that would have otherwise been given to this word had I tiptoed around it. 1,059 more words



She writhes and moans.

Beads of perspiration, dripping from her face.

The maid claims it will be over soon.

Tightened brows, clenched teeth.

Sweating, panting and exhausted breathing. 106 more words