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The insecurity struggle

I have always struggled with this issue. Titles, Paychecks, bonus, commission are the typical ways Corporate America defines your “worth”. On the personal front children, your circle of friends, the existence of extended family all seems to be things we take into account when defining worth. 178 more words

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How do you invest in your leadership pipeline?

Leaders invest. They spend more time teaching, guiding and promoting others than they do themselves. The great ones do this intuitively. They get great joy in developing people, seeing them blossom and watching them grow beyond them, watching them grow to need a different leader, guide or sponsor. 46 more words

Women In Corporate America

Celebrating Women Changemakers Should Be A Concerted Effort

Originally published on The Huffington Post

Recently, Marie Claire introduced a “20 Women Changing the World” magazine section in honor of its 20th anniversary. In a list including Chelsea Clinton, Eva Longoria, and Melinda Gates, Marie Claire spotlighted… 705 more words

Inspiration & Positive Change

10 Quotes from Women of Influence

Over the past years, I have read about and am continually inspired by lots of women who have risen beyond unimaginable odds and circumstances to positions of power and great influence. 269 more words


The nod of dismissal

Have you experienced the nod of dismissal? You know the one that implies “that’s a nice thought honey; now let’s move on to what the important people think”. 144 more words

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The Meaning in My Life

I started this blog to share my experiences with other women. My hope was it would help women in corporate America deal with common issues we face and it also gave me the opportunity to give other women valuable mentoring that I have received during my career. 610 more words

Women In Corporate America

What do you do?

How do you answer when you are asked what you do? The next time you are in a venue where this question gets asked listen to the answers other people give. 147 more words