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The Five Deadliest Career Mistakes | LinkedIn

Liz says this very well.  Good reminders for anyone whether in transition, or, less-than-satisfied with their current position.


Take a look:

The Five Deadliest Career Mistakes | LinkedIn.

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Girl Scouts' board president: 'We are on the precipice of major change'

For Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, the newly appointed board president of Girl Scouts of the USA, positivity comes naturally. Hannan, who is the national managing partner of diversity and corporate social responsibility at KPMG, is not only optimistic about the future of the Girl Scouts, but also the future of corporate America for women. 806 more words


Had enough of your rights? Read more in 'The Women Encyclopedia' By J K Monday

A voice of reason in the best interest of all women and girls:

 Taking into consideration the inequality and discrimination against women in different parts of the world, we want to put a stop to all sorts of inequalities and say farewell to violence and discrimination against women. 396 more words

Why Female Leadership?

I run a startup Network Marketing Company in the UK.

I have been networking with other Network Marketing Companies to see how they  operate. The ones that I am most impressed with are the ones that have lots of female leadership. 400 more words

47 Bullion

Role Models

I have a ton of role models for many different reasons. I have role models in the corporate world, women and men who never settle for the status quo, those who have the next challenge ready to go before they quite finish the last one. 119 more words

Women In Corporate America

Learning to Love Criticism - NYTimes.com

Wow! This one really resonated with me. Women leaders and aspiring leaders out there, what do you think?

Learning to Love Criticism – NYTimes.com.

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