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Project LV One - Day 274 - Hard Days Night - why not?

More doodles and sketches to pass the time away – Gimmie Shelter

Project LV One

Project LV One - Day 273 - Curvature of the Spine

I think I might have taken the painting as far as I can so it is a chance to do some other things.


#64-68 - Christina (life drawing)

#64 – Christina 4
Warmup piece on only part of the paper. I may use the rest with other monochromatic portraits in future.

#65 – Christina 5… 138 more words

1000 Drawings

Life Drawing 1

As I prep my drawing supplies¬†for the first class of this semester, I realized I have yet to post anything¬† for 2015…so in the spirit of art, here are a few of my first life drawings. 47 more words

Smudginess Abounds

There are different ways of doing monotype prints. This technique is called a direct line monotype. You ink up a plate, usually perspex or glass, with a very thin layer of litho / relief printing ink. 90 more words


Failed Prints and Small Successes

I bought a rolling pin today to make my life easier, and to test it, I did a very subtle drypoint on acetate, too subtle it turned out and it just couldn’t be printed well. 42 more words

A Cartoon Nude

So I was only out for about 40 minutes first thing and I didn’t have time to scribble anything and I’ve been working on the computer all day because it isn’t all about creating arty stuff, I wish it was and I’m fed up scribbling my feet, Husb and the cats so here’s one from the archives, from a sketchbook about 7 years ago. 92 more words