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Reality Bites

As a middle school teacher, I have a built-in excuse for keeping current with trends in YA Literature. (I have no excuse for the comic books. 961 more words

Top 5 Female Protagonists: Pantheon Candidates

While I didn’t read too many queer protags growing up, I did read many strong female characters that I was immediately drawn to. I was appalled to find out that most people didn’t have the luxury of exploring what I thought was the common trope of powerful females throughout childhood. 1,172 more words

A Study of Female Protagonists in Gaming

While studying an introduction to gaming culture during this seminar, it became evident that the topic of gender studies is highly applicable to the gaming industry. 703 more words

Strong Females in Fiction

There seem to be a miniscule amount of female protagonists in roles in film and television. Much of the time females are used as love interests and are often passive. 485 more words


Who Needs Representation Anyway?

Life Is Strange is the upcoming work by Dontnod Entertainment, the same developers of Remember Me. Just like before, the developing company had some issues… 495 more words



Brave was a film that I initially got very excited about. It promised to be a Disney/Pixar film with a non-passive princess: one who genuinely did all of her own stunts, solved her own problems without waiting for a handsome prince. 1,061 more words


Good Old Fashioned Villains

Not many of us remember the early days of the movies with the “Perils of Pauline”.   The classic series came out about 1914, and was one of the first silent movies.  726 more words