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Top 5 Tough Movie Heroines

I’m really fascinated with the release of Lucy and its perfect timing with Hercules, so this next week will probably continue the theme. Though I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m pleased to see that there is a movie out in theatres with a female protagonist. 75 more words

Why I Choose to Write Women Protagonists

In my writing, I invariably choose to write from a female perspective for my main protagonist. She can be of any age or of any background, but she will always be as strong a character as I can make her. 902 more words


Women Are Action Stars Too!

One date I’m looking forward to this summer is July 25, which is the premier of Lucy, the latest Scarlett Johansson film.  I like a good action movie, and what I like more than a good action movie is one that appears to have some semblance of a plot, one that looks intelligent and put together.   542 more words


Female protagonists - Top 5

Nothing is more successful to a video game than a well-written protagonist that has the remarkable ability to completely captivate you, establish an undeniable connection with you and ultimately leave you hanging on their every word. 1,305 more words


Let's Rant Bout' E3: The Protagonist problem

Well shiz liz wah dizzy, how the heck did a year already pass?

I remember when I was still a freshed face writer full of hope and goodness. 686 more words


Irradiated - review

A fellow writer from my writing group has published a book, Irradiated, set in Brisbane after the apocalypse (damn, stole my idea! :p). This is a much different apocalypse than my own, however, and it’s not like I have a monopoly on apocalypse stories set in Brisbane (or an author’s home town, for that matter). 567 more words

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Ubisoft Are Bad At PR

At least that seems to be most logical conclusion after the past few months.

While the largest portion of the fallout has come after (and during) this year’s E3, it didn’t start there. 1,733 more words