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Helping trans* teens become who they want to be

Puberty is an awkward time for just about everybody, but for transgender teens it can be a nightmare, as they grow overnight into bodies they aren’t comfortable with. 45 more words

Female To Male

The importance of support for trans* people

In this 5 minute video from the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Walter Bockting, PhD, discusses findings from his latest paper, a national online study of transgender individuals’ mental health and the factors that lower psychological distress. 35 more words

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Walls and Ramblings

I have a feeling that there will be a few days where there will be multiple posts in the near future… Today is one of those days. 464 more words

remaining question

I had to ask her the remaining question she had for me at the end of session Thursday. I could have just let it be but no, curiosity got the better of me. 562 more words


Just One of the Guys

A lot of my discomfort with my assigned gender is associated with social roles. I’ve never wanted to be damsel in distress, but the knight rescuing her. 470 more words

Female To Male


So, time for the introduction. I previously had a blog over at evantobiased, however for a variety of reasons I have decided to start over. 351 more words

Female To Male