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When Kathy is Keith by Wallace Wong

Written by a clinical psychologist, this book is more of a short illustrated manual on childhood transgendered identity than a children’s story. It is written in simple language that a child can easily follow but I don’t know how enjoyable it would be for a child to read or have read to them but it would be very valuable to guide a parent and other adults in the life of a child who sees themselves as the opposite gender in the practical steps to take to attend to the identity supportive needs of a trans child. 93 more words

Gender Non-Conforming

Back to the present

So finally it’s present day in my blog,
You may be wondering about Jake? Well he’s had his follow up appointment with the surgeon and top surgery is scheduled for the beginning of September, so I’ve booked time off work to allow me to be at home that first week for him. 312 more words

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Happy birthday

Twenty years ago today I welcomed my gorgeous scrap of a baby into the world, at the age of 26 I thought I had it all sorted! 252 more words

Everyday Person

Ryland hits the social media

You may have already seen this link over the past week, it’s possibly hit all social media and has been hard to avoid, being in and out the office aka the car, I was continually bombarded with it with each news report and was interested to see how it was received within the public. 1,043 more words

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Seems like a good idea...

Ok after vlm I laid down on the grass and the tears began, tears of exhaustion, relief, disappointment, those feelings had me thinking that was it, no more marathons, maybe it just wasn’t for me. 272 more words

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Tears of joy for once

After last week and huffing off to London I allowed Jake to cool down, to think, I sent him a text to ask if he was coming home explaining I still wanted to help and support, that I expected him to be leaving home but obviously under happier circumstances. 168 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child

Two steps forward, one step back

The second appointment with his consultants colleague arrived and a referral for surgery is the next step do obviously Jake is happy, I try not to think too deeply, in the front of my mind I try to keep all of the positives that have come forward this last year, his general happiness and confidence has blossomed, so any of my worries and heartache I keep to myself. 307 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child