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Romancing Myself

My mind has been giving me the run around this week. It has been hard to write. I think I reached that point where I had stuffed so many feelings inside my head without letting them out that I am having a hard time sorting them out now.  501 more words

De-transitioning Effects

I previously mentioned in a few posts that due to a series of circumstances I was forced off my testosterone for 9 weeks after being on it for about 7 1/2 months. 426 more words


Little things

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. Crazier than usual.

  • I set myself the near-impossible task of giving the landing the makeover it deserved. I’m not done yet.
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A slap to the face and all that!

A slap in the face, blow to the stomach, kick in the teeth, that’s how it feels some days.
I know I’m in a better place than I was 2 years ago and generally I’m in a more positive mood with a happy go lucky attitude but sometimes it hits you- bam and in that instant you feel the wind has been taken from you, sucked from your lungs in a second, the angst swirls in you stomach and your head screams ‘ why me?’ These moments are a lot less than previously but they are still around. 130 more words

Everyday Person

Seeing Me

Has been awhile since I have posted. Probably because I was going through some crazy changes. Not only have I been on testosterone for almost 6 weeks, but I have gotten engaged, and then ended the engagement and the relationship all together. 314 more words

Transitioning at School

(In line with a previous post I made about my appearance clashing with my ID)

I have been enrolled in an online university for several years getting my BS (Environmental Management) and I’m just a couple of classes away from my MS (Emergency Management). 418 more words



I’m still a beginner with taking pictures. I just bought a new camera a few weeks ago with the intent of taking pictures of anything and everything. 47 more words