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Meet Pinocchio

I might not be made of wood but the nickname was first applied to me about 5 years ago when I was attending a help group run locally.  397 more words

Female To Male

Counting Blessings

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “we are so lucky;” lucky to be living in a community that has accepted and supported our family, and in particular, our son. 540 more words


Nature or nurture?

I’ve been on a journey the last 2 years, one I never thought I would be taking, but one that has enriched my soul I guess. 1,056 more words

Everyday Person

To those I love

Soon you will know.  And you’ll probably hurt because of it. You may be confused, or think that I’m confused. Maybe you’ll wish this is all “just a phase” just like some of you thought when I came out as a lesbian all those years ago – and we all know how that worked out. 701 more words


Transformation: Rainy Morning

Today I’m bringing you a selection of pictures from a project I made with a friend. Click on the images to enlarge them! 17 more words


8 Weeks on Testosterone

So it’s been a while for an update, mostly because I had a lot of things going on at work, so different things to talk about I suppose at the end of it all. 329 more words

Sasha - Intro Post

Hi, I’m Aiden’s partner, Sasha. I’m a 30 year old MtF. I haven’t begun HRT yet, but I just went in to get the blood work done today! 144 more words

Female To Male