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Childhood Memories: Books

When I was very little, my grandmother used to tell us stories. Stories she made up all by herself. They were good stories, filled with mischief and adventure. 761 more words

Female To Male

But why?

When I went to the gender clinic last week, I hadn’t told my husband yet. Not a word. I didn’t want to tell him, “Hey, dude, I’m transgender.” I was being a chicken. 509 more words

Female To Male

Traveling Observations and Experiences

Flying – I sat next to a retired firefighter on his was to Oregon to fight a fire. Normally I do not spend a lot of time talking to people while flying, enjoying the time to think and read. 2,820 more words

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Boxers and binders

The other day I went shopping for clothes. Did I really need them? Probably not, as I still had 4 pairs of trousers, 5 shirts, a cardigan and my classic suit. 389 more words

Female To Male

The journey begins

Monday, August 18. I’d been waiting for this day for all of my life, even though I didn’t know it.

When I made my entrance into this world, the doctor jokingly said to my parents, … 446 more words

Female To Male

Few more steps forward

This week I have found has been as equally uplifting as stressful.
A week where I have physically and mentally felt so much better, I never realized how miserable I had felt until suddenly you find yourself smiling, I mean actually smiling not the work face smile, looking forward to future events and actually sleeping well. 336 more words

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Let it go!

¬†At last I feel I’m returning
3 weeks on a higher dose of levothroxine and it’s beginning to take effect, I’m feeling happier, less tired, I’ve started back running and the excess pounds are disappearing, it was only 7 but 7 I didn’t want! 689 more words

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