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Love hurts

The other day, my younger sister shared a video with me. I’m not 100% sure the one below is the exact same video, but it is the same song, and it definitely captures her feelings on my transition. 787 more words


The Falter in Their Voice

You don’t hear it because you’ve never had to face it before. You’ve gone about your life open and happy as a typical person that never questioned yourself nor had your identity questioned by others. 744 more words


Selecting A Gender On Forms

I saw this NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/10/19/is-checking-the-sex-box-necessary) story pop up in my feed and felt it was somewhat of an interesting tie-in to my previous blog entry Trans Appearance Conflicting With ID ( 766 more words


It's complicated

Jake has settled in well but I do bloody miss having him around, I think that’s part of my next struggle, I guess I just need to accept he is ok, I just wish he would always answer a text, but hey why would he change the habit of a lifetime? 339 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child



when I was ten
my sister and her friend
locked me up
in the cupboard
under the stairs

when finally
she let me out… 44 more words


Sasha: (Almost) One Month of Changes

So, I’ve been on estrogen now for about a month (four more days, but who’s counting?) and Aiden’s been bugging me to write an update post (I love you, babe), so here goes. 799 more words

Female To Male

Two weeks on T

Hey guys, so it’s been two weeks and two days since I’ve been on T. So I just decided to make this video to document the changes, I’m pretty much doing a time capsule except via YouTube. 87 more words