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Sasha - Intro Post

Hi, I’m Aiden’s partner, Sasha. I’m a 30 year old MtF. I haven’t begun HRT yet, but I just went in to get the blood work done today! 144 more words

Female To Male

My angst is a tsunami

My angst is swirling and has been all week although I have tried to ignore it, it’s approaching like a tsunami, I know there will no escape and tomorrow when it hits me I need to be prepared. 280 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child

The perfect time

Now that I’ve admitted to myself and gotten used to the idea that I am a transguy, I find it ever more annoying when people misgender me. 381 more words



I entered puberty late, which was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I’d been really small for my age for as long as I could remember, and this allowed me to add some much wanted and needed centimeters to my height. 396 more words


Aiden: Good Days, Bad Days, and Everything In Between

Everyone has their good days, and their bad days. Some are a little worse than others, and some are a little better. I don’t think you can really gauge just how bad of a day you’re having until someone else points it out. 315 more words

Female To Male

First Post

Hey there, internet!

My name is Aiden. Or, at least it will be. For all intensive purposes, let’s just call me that. My partner, for privacy reasons, we’ll call her A. 229 more words

Female To Male

Childhood Memories: Books

When I was very little, my grandmother used to tell us stories. Stories she made up all by herself. They were good stories, filled with mischief and adventure. 761 more words