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Officially on T

I am officially on testosterone. I had my first shot on Dec. 11, 2014. I am still kind of in shock that i’m finally on T. 480 more words

Transgender Poetry

I’ve been transitioning from female to male for almost a year now. I don’t have much evidence of this; I don’t have a lot of pictures or videos of myself throughout the year like I see many people have (or maybe I do and I just have to look better.)  I also don’t write poetry often, but I came across two poems I would like to share with you all. 269 more words


The letter

I hope you take this letter with the context it is written in, it’s only to try and reunite yourself and Jake.
I’m not sure to what extent you have fallen out but I do know whatever he has said to you that he misses you, he needs your support and love, it’s all he craves. 366 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child

Building bridges

Jake returned this week for a quick overnight visits he needed another jab, before he caught his train home we stopped for some lunch. The conversation once again came around to his dad, a sure sign to me this needs to be dealt with, I had previously suggested if Jake felt he couldn’t buy his father a Xmas present as he felt it was hypocritical of him, he should consider his 2 younger half siblings. 401 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child


So yesterday I had my first appointment with a psychiatrist. I had been referred to him by my GP, it took a few weeks to get the appointment and then another six weeks or so until I actually had it. 477 more words

Lack of Understanding

My parents have a friend “P” that they’ve known for a decade (give or take) and while I was already well out of the closet as a lesbian by then and my family was fully supportive my mom liked to talk with P because she was a lesbian too. 628 more words


2 Months on T

So i am coming very close to being 2 months on T, in fact the 30th of November is the 2 month mark. It feels like i haven’t been on T for that long, if anything there have been new changes that i have been noticing more and more. 86 more words