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Literature Extracted From Facebook

A lot of times when I’m traveling, something weird, funny or interesting will happen that deserves to be shared with the world, but isn’t in itself enough for an entire blog post, so I make it into a Facebook status instead. 521 more words


Hostels: Not the Murdery Horror Flick You're Imagining

I just need to set the record straight about this because when I was telling people back home (in the good ole U.S. of A.) about my travels and plans to stay in hostels, I kept getting the same “OMG aren’t you scared of getting murdered???” response. 488 more words

Female Travel

The Time I Was Supposed to Go to Pamplona

After ending an amazing week in stunning Croatia and meeting a lot of new and wonderful people, I was very excited to catch back up with my friend Megan in Pamplona for the San Fermin festival. 733 more words

Female Travel

One Month on the Road

Well, I have seriously been slacking on blogging lately. I had the best of intentions when I started this blog to document everything I was up to, but alas, the adventure calls and the thought of sitting down somewhere to write seemed like the last thing I’ve wanted to do. 490 more words

Female Travel

Reflections on Solo Female Travel

As a young female traveler, I’ve noticed that people tend to react in a variety of interesting ways when you tell them you’re going to be traveling alone. 670 more words


Double X: Travelling solo

Double X is an irreverent feminist talk show that explores everything from pop culture to politics from a woman’s perspective on Sydney’s community radio station, 2ser. 74 more words

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I Am Another’s, But Also My Own

“What does your boyfriend think about that?”

I usually crack a joke, something like “eh, he’s used to it,” but the constant questioning of how Ben feels about my travels begins to rub the wrong way. 469 more words