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7 Lessons Learned as a Solo Female Traveler

I love traveling, and I’m game for an adventure any time. Trouble is, most of my friends and family are holding down full-time jobs, stuck in that dismal two-weeks-of-holiday-per-year rut. 907 more words

Where to Travel: The Best Solo Destinations

Alright, so it’s time for a vacation but here you find yourself again…alone. Longingly browsing through internet travel deals and tempting yourself with far away places . 808 more words


Travel Update : Tetons

I’d wanted to return to the Grand Tetons for nearly two years.

I first saw the mountains while driving west on my way out to Reno. 1,559 more words


Day One: Milan

On my first evening in Italy, I sit outside my room on the 3rd floor balcony that overlooks the Viale Andrea Doria. Straight ahead, a neon yellow sign proudly displays GRAND HOTEL DORIA high above the old stone rooftops. 516 more words

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Why I Need Feminism

I don’t consider myself to be a vocal feminist. A feminist, yes, most definitely. But not vocal. To be fair, I’m not vocal about much, the big exceptions being Harry Potter and education. 1,100 more words


Hair Preparation

A lot of women with a very tight curl pattern will understand the trials of trying to handle their hair, just in every day life. When you add travel to the mix, the struggle becomes even worse. 571 more words


Female Solo Traveler- Guest Post From "a Day in the Life of A Simple Girl"

*Erin Tracy is a travel blogger who spent a year living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and traveling all over Southeast Asia with her boyfriend. She loves to travel and combines that passion with her drive for learning by being an online student and completing her studies while off on adventures. 2,478 more words

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