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We are sailing

  Seaside, Oregon, USA – Friday, October 11, 2013

We are sailing

It will probably come as little surprise to anyone who knows me that Vancouver, as it turns out, was not the end of the adventure. 1,292 more words

Cycle Touring Woman

Hvar Will You Go?

Allow me to suggest suggestions.  A genuine interest is key.  When asking any question, you must be invested in the answer in order to learn anything from it. 1,612 more words

Reflections on Solo Travel

Before I embarked on this trip I had no idea if I would enjoy solo travel. To prepare myself I read about it on the internet and spoke to friends. 463 more words


Area woman eaten by whale while hiking.

A week alone in the Norwegian wilderness.

This is a short chronicle covering the fears and perils that come with being a solo, female hiker in the nether-regions of Scandinavia ( 1,518 more words


7 Lessons Learned as a Solo Female Traveler

I love traveling, and I’m game for an adventure any time. Trouble is, most of my friends and family are holding down full-time jobs, stuck in that dismal two-weeks-of-holiday-per-year rut. 907 more words

Where to Travel: The Best Solo Destinations

Alright, so it’s time for a vacation but here you find yourself again…alone. Longingly browsing through internet travel deals and tempting yourself with far away places . 808 more words