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A girl's guide to Marrakesh

Next week I’m off to my all time favourite city, Marrakesh. A city of unpredictability and noise, where there is never a calm moment or a quiet second to think about what you’re doing. 879 more words


"We'll Always Have Paris"

Before I begin, can we all just acknowledge the beautiful scandalous outfits Beyonce often wears when performing? Now that that’s been said, it’s only fair to say that when attending one of her spectacular performances, dressing scandalously is a must. 1,420 more words

If We Can Do It, So Can You with Lucy Ruthnum from Absolutely Lucy

I met the lovely Lucy from Absolutely Lucy via Twitter and was immediately swept away by her enthusiasm for her upcoming trip (and, ok, I’ll admit it – I was a little jealous too!) Her decision to make some big changes in her life and head off travelling really resonated with me, as I also gave up my job in journalism to make my 30b430 trip. 1,536 more words

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Guest Blog: How do you get a baby on a bicycle?

  This was the question faced by Vick Myers on becomming a new mum.

An avid cylist, from a family of keen cycle tourers, bikes are a big part of Vicky’s life, even down to taking me on my first cycling tour whilst she was a few months pregnant.  1,020 more words


Snapshot memories of the week: Costa Rica

Snapshot memories is a new weekly series, giving a visual glimpse into different destinations and unique ways to view them. It’s also a way for me to look back on travels that occurred before and after I started this blog, and to give each place I’ve traveled the attention it deserves.  712 more words


Saturday morning in Buenos Aires

I could have taken the Subte over to San Martin plaza and the little park with its enormous sprawling tree, limbs so huge and meandering that they built iron crutches into the plaza to hold the splayed branches up – and just through the park across busy Avenida del Libertador you have that huge tower that’s a replica of the one in piazza San Marco in Venice (many things in Buenos Aires are a replica of something in Europe) – – I could have taken the Subte, but the weather was fine, clean-feeling air and bright sun and jewel blue sky, warm and breezy, so I walked down to Florida street to change money on the “blue” market (the street empty so early in the morning, and me getting a terrible rate of only 12 pesos to the dollar this time) and from there along San Martin street all the way to the park. 625 more words

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