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Be like a Kit Kat (no, don't snap in half): take a break!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I’ve been on a wee hiatus. Without realising that that’s what I was doing. And fuck, I’m so glad for it.

The break from blogging has given me opportunity to evaluate a few things, namely: do I want to continue blogging (yes!); what are my reasons to keep blogging (to share my experiences as  a single, 40- something, independent woman who enjoys living alone; to build a writing portfolio). 1,033 more words


I'm Menstrual and I Know It

“So what are your plans for the weekend?” he asked me.

“No plans. I’m just staying in,” I replied.

“Why, are you ill?”

“No, I have my periods and I’m in pain.” 442 more words


I’m not one to kiss and tell, but…

…the other night I had sex shorter than this sentence.

It was disappointing.


A Memory Or Two

He looks in the mirror

Gazing at the false reflection

The pigtails hanging down his shoulders

Golden-blond and strung with ribbons

His mother dressed him up that day… 267 more words


Can't Even Rant

My head is in a mess. In my horny ass state I was in last night, and this morning, all day…you get the picture, 2 weeks of this.I wrote a little love note for my lover; asking her for a specific sexual playtime. 15 more words