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Headache Types - Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual migraines have been the most debilitating and long lasting type of headache for me. In my twenties, I frequently had to take a day off of work during this time of month. 116 more words


more than grades

Tonight at Vespers the topic was “disappointment” (as a nod to The Great Disappointment Oct 22, 1844). As we were sharing and discussing the idea of disappointment, and where it comes from (which I will get in to later), one girl kept using her grades as an example. 834 more words


Save the Women, Not the Boobies

Something caught my eye over social media the other day. Lately I have been seeing very sexual campaigns supporting breast cancer awareness. Most of these advertisements are targeted towards men; showing women with big boobs in bikinis walking in slow motion. 266 more words


When we are about getting tired of the Lil Kesh‘s Version of Shoki, the talented YBNL super act revolutionalized the hit single, Shoki to create a brand new fresh tune for the divas!

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Glamorous Birthday Duo

This is a card with a matching gift box…

and here is the box

that can house a small gift

Thank you for stopping by

Deborah x


How NOT to hit on me

I may be a humanist, but I also happen to be a female. So, I’d like to write about that here and there. Please keep in mind that I am in no way shape or form an expert about the female mind. 705 more words

Day Two Hundred and Five: Greenfinch

Mistaken for a sparrow at first, on closer examination a flash of black and white striped petticoat as you preen and a green sheen on your coat as you turn to look this way. 103 more words