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Complications In a Capitalist Country: Analyzing Efficient Ways to Incorporate Women Into A Predominantly Male Business World

Seventy-seven. The amount of cents a woman makes on average for every dollar earned by a man. Women and men have had an imbalance of power for many years, but the fight for gender equality within the business world has never been so severe. 2,339 more words

Sex (Shizzle)

If you attend the bigger parties, you’re soon to notice: Not every woman is female. Not every man has XY-genes. That makes it a bit unclear if your looking at homosexuality when you see a man kissing a man… and vice versa. 109 more words


Savages versus Caveman

I can feel the eyes locked on me like pray. Waiting and stalking for the right moment to attack. A savage has laid its eyes upon me as if I am fresh meat in an open field  of pray, waiting to pounce in the right opportunity to feed their hunger of flesh. 182 more words


Not Ready

 I realised something today that shocked me. It probably shouldn’t have but it was as if the fuzzy haze of reality stopped being blurred and I seen everything clearly for the first time. 1,016 more words

About Me


Cocoa and her brother, Cole, are sweet and petite little siblings. They had been dumped by their previous owner on the street. For about three months, they survived by eating garbage. 288 more words

OK With Dogs

Why Men Pee In The Shower And Women Don’t

It’s very normal for men to pee in the shower and it’s also very normal for women to be disgusted by it. But why are women so disgusted by it? 210 more words