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Feminism 2014 : one step forward, three steps back

Growing up you would always find me arguing with my mom on how I would much rather wear my overalls over the uncomfortable tights and dress that came with the constant reminder of “sit like a lady!”. 686 more words


Hejab As Weapon In Islamic Iran (Mirror)

Iran before took by Islamic regime, the women are able to wear clothes according to her choice whether hijab, no hijab, T-shirt, bikini (swimming) & it’s seem completely NORMAL & OKEY (more equal also) even they can protest when Islamic regime changed the rule… 91 more words

Double Standard

Derechos de la Mujer, Nuestros Derechos

Lo hizo sin tener que desnudarse, sin tener que protestar en ‘topless’. Alzar tu voz, reclamar tus derechos y liberarte no requiere destapar tu pecho. 

¡ Yes, We Can Do It !

Foto Del Día

“Standing in Solidarity” Doesn’t Mean Becoming a Messiah

Solidarity is one of the most loaded words amongst feminists and in the women’s rights movement. This is not because we fail to recognize the power of voices united against patriarchal oppression, but rather there are often conflicting ideas on what solidarity looks like. 1,040 more words

Treat of Breast-Litovsk

Really, I’m curious: why is it that the Associated Press news agency suddenly considers the image of a silkscreened representation of human breasts to be acceptable/suitable for publication, distribution and dissemination to its customers and the general public … but hasn’t distributed prior news-event photographs of the actual breasts themselves?  53 more words