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The problem with Femen

Femen is a so called feminist protest group that emerged in 2008 from Ukraine and now has active groups all over the world. Infamous for their direct and extreme methods of protest most notably their topless demonstrations, Femen advocates their own ideology of women’s liberation entitled ‘sextreamism.’ According to  718 more words


FEMEN vs. Sharia law and British political correctness


FEMEN, a self-proclaimed militant unit of feminist sextremists, was founded in Ukraine in 2008. The movement is highly controversial due to the group’s method of gaining media attention and publicity through topless protests, which many deem to be hypocritical and in conflict with previous gains for women’s rights and the feminist movement. 570 more words

Now, here's a cause I can get behind... (NSFW)

I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist, but after seeing the documentary I Am Femen the other week, I’m a supporter of their cause.  Director Alain Margot started following the Ukranian women’s movement before they were well known outside of their homeland, capturing all kinds of crazy footage along the way.  227 more words


La superluna de agosto afecta a las mujeres.

La superluna de agosto afecta a las mujeres.


Compitiendo con el sol coloso, la superluna de agosto hace llorar lágrimas de fuego a San Lorenzo  en su tentación. 523 more words


Feminism 2014 : one step forward, three steps back

Growing up you would always find me arguing with my mom on how I would much rather wear my overalls over the uncomfortable tights and dress that came with the constant reminder of “sit like a lady!”. 686 more words


Hejab As Weapon In Islamic Iran (Mirror)

Iran before took by Islamic regime, the women are able to wear clothes according to her choice whether hijab, no hijab, T-shirt, bikini (swimming) & it’s seem completely NORMAL & OKEY (more equal also) even they can protest when Islamic regime changed the rule… 91 more words

Double Standard