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Men's violence against women: 'Miss World' is part of the problem

The bodies of Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her sister, Sofia Trinidad, 23, were found almost a week after they disappeared after being seen leaving a party near the city of Santa Barbara, in Honduras.   246 more words


Parents in Delhi kill and burn their daughter for marrying the man she loved

19 November 2014, New Delhi

21-year-old Bhavna Yadav, a student at the Delhi University, had married a man she loved, against her parents wishes. Angered her parents strangled her to death, and later planned and burnt her body to destroy evidence. 34 more words

Miss Honduras Found Dead

Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her older sister, Sofia Trinidad, have been found dead in the city of Santa Barbara after disappearing on November 13. 274 more words

64 Marias, How Many Left Without Names?

After last weeks rather dense reading of  Herrera, Valerie Martinez’s Each and Her seemed to be incredibly sparse.  However, what touched me most in this work… 484 more words

Lack of Accountability and Sheer Apathy of Officials

“I gave them everything on a silver platter, and these dogs didn’t do anything,” she said of the original investigators. She said she had to battle to get key evidence introduced, and deal with detectives who didn’t take her leads seriously.

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Dear Damned Doomed And Forgotten

Storytelling and Space

I have been trying to focus on the documentary or storytelling techniques used in some of the texts, though I’ve had a bit of trouble since I don’t have an extensive (or even moderate) knowledge base of these techniques.   358 more words

My Dear Conflicted Reader

absence and remembering in Each and Her

I was floored by the question raised in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s introduction regarding the notion that until the moment of death, our culture is unable to “see” the women who have been murdered in Juarez: 195 more words

Dear Damned Doomed And Forgotten