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Minnesota Domestic Violence Fatalities Down In 2014

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The number of people in Minnesota who were killed in acts of domestic violence last year is down compared to the year before. 92 more words


Man murders daughter for refusing to fetch him water

Bongaon, West Bengal, 18 January 2015

A farmer, Ram Singh,murdered his 19 year old daughter by stabbing her, because she did not want to get up from in front of the television she was watching, to fetch her father a glass of water. 10 more words

Man tried to bury his 9-year-old #daughter alive in Tripura, #India

14 January, 2015 Tripura

A father, who disliked the idea of having a girl, tried to bury alive his 9 year old daughter, after tying her hands and gagging her. 34 more words

Why I Hate "Ciao, Bella:" a rant

This article sprouted organically after a hectic morning. I should probably start with I don’t mind the use of “Ciao, bella” among friends (including mine) or old acquaintances as much. 643 more words

Required Entries

Severed torso of woman found in a drain near Delhi

7 January 2015, Noida

The torso of a woman severed of arms, legs and the head was discovered in a ditch near the nation’s capital. It’s the third such killing of a woman in/around Delhi in 10 days, making women more wary of the city as the most dangerous in India. 10 more words

Killed by their sons

In 2014, 14 UK women were killed with their son named as primary suspect:

  1.  30 Jan 2014: Karen Wild, was found dead through stabbing. A 22-year-old man, said to be her son, Lian Wild, was charged with her murder.
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Launch Conference...Femicide Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men

My place is booked…very much looking forward to the launch conference, Femicide Census: Profiles of Women Killed by Men. The conference is based upon a seminal project to monitor fatal male violence against women and to utilise data to reduce the number of women killed in the future. 26 more words

Gendered Violence