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Moving Forward - Amouage Journey Woman & Journey Man Perfume Reviews

I may be a bit behind on the Amouage-front, but I still cannot believe that the time has come (and now passed) for the house to launch their annual pair of fragrances. 945 more words

Perfume Reviews

Embracing the Yin in Costa Rica

The white side represented the male. You know. Shining, strong, noble, upright, something-ness that was active, productive and everything cool. But I was not to worry. 30 more words


Saturday Night Beauty

This is one of my cult, always go back to beauty products from ELEMIS.  It is super gentle and magically exfoliates the skin leaving it feeling pampered and smooth! 9 more words

All women do drugs.

Anyone who is over the age of 3 years old and with more than one brain cell will know that all women do drugs. Every single one of them. 227 more words


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