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Element: Air
Planetary Alignment: Moon
Gender: Feminine

Uses include great healing properties, kills germs, infections, eases lung congestion, heart stimulant. Attracts healing vibrations and protection. Use to purify and cleanse any space of unwanted energies. 7 more words



Venus flows from my fingertips like new rain down a dirty gutter.
She wipes away the mud on my legs from my many falls.

Venus brings… 254 more words

Spoken Word/Poetry

Feminine men

After writing my own post, I googled “Feminine men”, and found this post on Thought Catalog. The comments from women are encouraging in that they all agree, but discouraging in that they say things like… 507 more words


2060. Female Blessings at Birth — 58-60

I return to the project of asking for your agreement/disagreement on the long list of blessings that women inherit at birth. This is the 20th group of three blessings, and I’m grateful for your earlier responses. 669 more words


Feminine male

I do not speak for other gynephile trans people assigned male at birth, far less the androphiles, but I am male. Mine is a male experience of the world, and a male response. 570 more words

Being Human

Fresh flat piercing and healed conch piercing by Daniel Chanthongthip

Fresh flat piercing and healed conch piercing by Daniel Chanthongthip of Fidelity Tattoo Company in Baltimore, Maryland. Jewelry is an Anatometal purple opal cabochon to match the purple and white opal Anatometal flower in the conch.

Beard Conditioner

When I tell you that there are more and more men with beards. It is just to show how manly they are. The more hair, aka the bigger your beard is, the greater manly man you are. 213 more words