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2014 Floral Calender and All Things Late.

There is so much to blog about. I’ve been gone for almost one year and I’ve never felt so irresponsible in my life before. Since getting a job last June, I have neglected blogging, researching and sharing my inspiration all together. 234 more words


It's my face, not yours: make-up, and why anyone can wear it.

As a relatively ‘butch’ lesbian, I often get asked about why I wear make-up. Questions such as “if you dress like a man why are you wearing make-up?” circulate through many a social gathering and it can be infuriating. 335 more words


King & Queen Inner Kingdom

Dear Readers:

Imagine that you have a kingdom that consists of a King & Queen. Within that kingdom, there are residents and citizens. There is also a council that supports the King & Queen in managing the kingdom’s affairs. 472 more words

Unification of Masculine & Feminine within!

Dear Readers:

We are beings that love happiness, pleasure and joy. We often search for this through our relationships and work. Last night, I felt the presence of the ONE. 422 more words

Teksad kitsamaks/Making jeans tighter

Mul olid ühed vahvad punased teksad. Ootasid aega, mil jään peenemaks. Kui ma ükskord proovisin kapis seisnud pükse, kippusid need puusast laiaks jääma ning säärest olid nad seda niikuinii. 333 more words


Identifying the gender of a noun

We Cut Corners – Are you a man or a mannequin?

Okay so directly leading on from Ainmfhocail 101 post, this next powerpoint and stuff should show you how to identify the gender of a noun. 169 more words


When the Drummers were Women

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts here, you’ll have no doubt guessed that for many years I’ve been a restless seeker. Trying to find answers to something I’m not very clear about. 853 more words

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