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Confessions of an Abused Heart: Woundedsoul Mate Relationships


What is a Woundedsoul Mate Relationships?

It is a relationship where two wounded souls collide and react with each other in the illusion of love. Instant attraction creating a whirlwind romance of excitement and sexual desire based on the neediness of our wounded self, within the paradox of loving and resenting. 426 more words

Full Blossom- Leave Fear Behind

Women will blossom when they feel safe. As women that have endured abuse, we have lost our bloom. We carry fear and sorrow that prevents our feminine soul from flourishing. 113 more words


Balancing Your Space With Masculine And Feminine Decor by Feedous

Some of our preferred spaces exemplify what founding editor of Domino Magazine, Deborah Needleman, describes as the perfectly imperfect home — 1 that is both lived in and loved. 38 more words

Seritan: a planet inhabited only by women

CR 463/569


That is alright too.

Well, then I would like to ask about what your daughter Semjase said to me once, and, indeed, that somewhere in your space-time-configuration, a planet exists were women live exclusively. 320 more words

Stay Polished

One purpose of this site was to help anyone and everyone to Stay Polished from day to day.

Everyone has a lazy day(s) that consists of staying in pajamas, watching… 102 more words


A Family of Women

I’ve written before about the women in my life–about how I never thought I needed other women, that I was more of a “one of the guys” kind of girl. 697 more words


August 29, 2014

Dear Readers,

Here is my sixth post for the A to Z Challenge.  Introducing, the letter “F“.

On the surface, it appears as though females living in the UAE, more specifically, females living in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE are revered by society at large.  632 more words

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