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There is Nothing More Powerful

Sister, you are not invisible to us. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. You express the motherhood of Love, and there is nothing more powerful.

Christian Science

Living Messages

In the place between asleep and awake, my consciousness is still processing the nether-topics I couldn’t face while I was awake. My mind meditates and sends me symbols to interpret the way the world works and my place in it. 298 more words


Labor Day Lovin'

Hey, you! Working hard or hardly working? To everyone hustlin’ and laboring away at that 9-to-5, this one goes out to you. Happy Labor Day – don’t say I never did anything for you. 438 more words

Hot Weather

Good Natured Challenge

It was a facebook exchange. Jacqueline likes to draw and had decided to sketch from a girlhood photo she’d found.

I recommended that she go easy on the nose, pay attention to the hair and the way it terminates, manage the lighting, etc. 310 more words

Paris, France

Oooh la la Paris. Paris is the capital and largest city in France and one of the most romantic places to go! Beautiful architecture, amazing food, plenty of museums, events around the city, and so many places to see! 544 more words

Street Style

2043. Submission: The Introduction

The last of three series on this subject was completed in July 2010. It’s time for something new.

Let’s start at the top. We view life from outer space. 298 more words


Shaming Femininity?

This story starts out with a Facebook conversation I was having the other day with a friend. The conversation started off like any other: inquiring about each other’s day, asking how we’ve been, and talking about our dating lives. 820 more words