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on not being her

We were going through photos the other day looking for evidence of a four-month-old Bram to show him that he used to be his brother’s size. 1,367 more words


Turning Christian Guys Down - VIDEO

The gentlemen are welcome to join us in a respectful discussion on this topic.


Honoring God

Tomboyism and Guides

Tomboys were considered to be opposite to femininity. A girl or woman was considered a tomboy if they adopted masculine qualities and neglected developing suitably feminine traits. 182 more words

Media's Creation of Feminism

Media content has shaped society’s perspective on what it means to be a man or women. The images imposed by the media has changed society’s cultural norms to conform to specific gender roles. 232 more words

Women Who Lift

Women who workout get a lot of flak, no matter what kind of exercise they do. Girls who run are “cardio bunnies.” Girls who do yoga are probably hippies, or maybe not reallllly into workouts. 630 more words

The cost of prettiness

Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female’.

—Diana Vreeland

I’d never thought much about the costs of personal grooming until I watched 

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Why I am lusting after "baby pink." Honour your lust for colour!

Lately I have been lusting after “baby pink”.  This is not a common occurrence for me, but it’s a colour that my body has been “desiring” lately.  523 more words

Self Esteem & Self Confidence