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Attune to the Ever Present Good

St. Bernard

“The Quietness of Good” by Sam Guzman of Catholic Gentleman fame, was published in May, but with everyone’s news feeds gushing with the latest atrocities, it seems a good time to bring it back out. 98 more words

Month Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary

Grit and gracefulness

There is almost nothing elegant or glamorous about motherhood. It’s painful and exhausting, it’s messy, awkward, unpredictable, monotonously repetitive at times and involves never ending cleaning, cooking and tidying.  540 more words


Gender-Bend Wednesday - Circle of Magic

So, I’ve talked about Tamora Pierce’s works a lot here on this blog, but most of my attention has been focused on her Tortall universe works. 1,004 more words


why my mom(my) doesn't wear a uniform to work

From what I can remember, my mommy hasn’t worn a uniform to work in the past 10 or so years, not even in the winter months or when she’s running late and it’d require way less thought and coordination to throw on a predetermined outfit. 666 more words