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Magazine Profits and Readership Will Soar, After They Do This

About two years ago, Julia Bluhm gave a magazine an idea that could have propelled it from mediocre (at best) to groundbreaking. I am bringing it up now because I recently wrote a… 562 more words

Janelle Sanchez

Legally Blonde: one of the most progressive feminist movies of our time

You might call Legally Blonde a trashy chick flick, I always thought it was until I watched it in a new light last week.

Let’s look at the facts; Elle Woods’ parents, (ex) boyfriend and acquaintances tell her that she can’t be a multifaceted individual- that she can’t be beautiful and feminine as well as an intellectual. 269 more words


The Future of Trans Genetic Femininity

For thirty-three years the available data has been constantly fed into a Sinclair ZX81; Colonel Ho’s Secret Algorithm has unlocked the truth of human evolution. With this knowledge at my fingertips I have been able to capture The Future of Trans Genetic Femininity.

M.R.S. Degree

When I was a kid I often heard the M.R.S. degree joked of. It was the early nineties and women had spent the past ten to twenty years getting a foothold in high power careers and the idea of going to college in hopes of getting married to a well educated man and thus obtaining your “Mrs. 308 more words


When I don’t like you, you’re ugly.

I may not say it aloud, but in my mind I think you’re ugly as sin. If you push me and I’ve been drinking I might call you stupid, but it takes a lot for me to insult another woman’s appearance (to her face). 786 more words