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Christian women: feminism IS your friend, actually

[this is what the patriarchy will look like, when we're through with it]

I usually do whatever I can to avoid reading anything Matt Walsh says, because reasons. 1,561 more words


Reality Exhaustion: My Feminist Heart is Sore

Today, I sympathize with all the worn out shoes in the world. I’m a little faded, and my butt is metaphorically wearing away. If you notice my shoes are untied, please don’t tell me. 387 more words


We Need to Talk About Jaime

We all saw the last episode of Game of Thrones, right?


You know, the one where Jaime Lannister rapes his sister, Cersei? He wants to have sex, at the foot of their late son’s royal slab, she doesn’t, tries to stop it, but it happens anyway. 1,056 more words



I’m told there will be a #FeministFriday post at Drifting Through tomorrow. I am hoping for a good discussion on the thread. If we manage to have one, it will be the sixth Friday in a row that we’ve managed to have a good discussion about gender inequality. 345 more words


Defending "Fangirls" and Why Greg Rucka is Awesome

Comics writer/novelist/awesome guy Greg Rucka (who is really, really, really good at his job) went to a comic convention last week, and what he saw so frustrated him that he went home and wrote a really marvelous piece on inclusiveness in geek activities. 541 more words


Feminist Friday Discussion Plan and Catch-Up Post, with Sweet Music at the End

Gretchen of Drifting Through (@gkelly73) tweeted me last night that she plans to write about female body image for Feminist Friday, and I couldn’t be more pleased. 511 more words


Yes. You Are Being Creepy.

The other day I stumbled upon two references to Creepy Guy Syndrome in the span of 10 minutes of social media surfing and both caused me to let out a sigh of exasperation. 1,249 more words