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Aussie Construction Feminist Workers?

This is a good ad, got it from this link:


My boyfriend found it to help me feel better…it kinda worked.  Even though it’s just a commercial and probably wouldn’t really happen, it’s hilarious, and incredible to imagine if it ever did. 7 more words


"I Make Art Not Porn"... But... You Do Make Porn.

This is an interesting one.

I have been a fan of Thought Catalog for a long time, except lately their increasingly sexist / anti-feminist and plain idiotic posts have left me really turned off. 342 more words


My Relationship, Manipulation, and Too Much Pressure

So, my ex-boyfriend Chris. The asshole that I wrote a fuckin song about, who I gave my first kiss to, who I basically had to… 1,788 more words

Personal Stories

Charlotte's Choice

How could Charlotte Lucas, best friend to Lizzie Bennet choose such an odious partner? Surely this choice, the choice made by our pragmatic Charlotte for Clawing Mr Collins,  has been gasped at through the centuries by countless readers of… 243 more words

Jane Austen

things you can do for someone in an abusive relationship

I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t written this post yet– of all the things I should be writing about, this is probably one of the more important. 2,519 more words


Femme Invisibility: Why Guys Want Us and Girls Pass Us By

Invisibility at play in public scenarios

Let’s say you’re a feminine girl who happens to like other girls. You’re with your girlfriend at a bar one night, or maybe you’re there with a girl you’ve just met but may have some interest in. 1,012 more words