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Whatever Wednesday: The Talk

I don’t think I’ve ever talked to anyone who has a positive memory of “the talk.”  Most people I know were never even sat down for one.   1,062 more words


Is there ever really a reason for you to chat up a woman on the street?

I’ve actually been mulling over this street harassment thing for a while. I would hope that I’m more mature, and a little more grey haired in spirit (never in actuality), than I was when I wrote about it last. 595 more words


Advice to Bill Cosby:  Confess and Amend like Stephen Collins

“I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and any pain I caused these three women.  I want people to know the truth.”

                                                                                                            ~Stephen Collins

So much sexual violence in the world, so little amends and restitution. 1,932 more words


Emma Watson is not the princess I have been waiting for

After reading this article by Hello Giggles entitled “The Disney Princess we’ve been waiting for: Emma Watson joins Beauty and the Beast’,” I re-published the link on my Facebook page and what ensued was a conversation that I felt was important to share here. 5,555 more words


Focused on Vivian Maier: Street Photographer


I am absolutely fascinated by photographer, Vivian Maier.  I first found out about her from a PBS program a few years ago, which told her story from the eyes of John Maloof, the young man who discovered and purchased her undeveloped film canisters and since then has relentlessly developed and showed them to the world, making her a visible, credible, and widely-known photographer.  1,343 more words


The Opposite of Feminism

For a fairly long time, I had trouble identifying as a feminist. It certainly wasn’t a matter of disagreeing with a feminist agenda or ideals; I have argued with my friends (both male and female) as to the restrictions of gender for a very long time, have kept up to date on feminist thought and movements, and brought in significant feminism to my religious community by creating programming for it in my youth group. 754 more words


Women, yoga, and "manterruptions"...

There is a perennial debate in yoga organisations: how do we recruit more male members (no pun intended), and so stop women “dominating” yoga? There’s all sorts of interesting debates to be had around this; about yoga, muscularity, and kudos. 774 more words