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When My Blackness Comes Before My Womanhood

The crux of intersectionality encourages us to realize how various forms of oppression work against the variety of the collective human experience. This phenomena was recently highlighted in this viral video which poignantly showcased the severity of street harassment. 711 more words

Culture And Society

Let's Talk About Street Harassment

Lately, in any discussion on street harassment, there has often been a comment along the lines of ‘but… some of this doesn’t seem to be harassment’, ‘it’s a fine line between harassment and good nature’, ‘what if the guy was just saying hello?’, ‘don’t tar all men with the same brush’ etc. 1,983 more words

Female Life

Sister, Walk Away from the Mirror

I keep reading and seeing all these adds and blog posts and makeup-less selfies where women display themselves; all shapes and sizes, praising themselves or others for their bravery. 534 more words


My Big Fat Diary

You should go to fat camp, just be careful not to eat anyone

A message I was sent aged 11 from two lovely young gentlemen in my school year, I haven’t forgotten that you dickwads.

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Jian Ghomeshi, eh?

I’m not going to share (many of) my own thoughts. Instead I present for you, a massive collection of the thoughts of other people on this story. 3,260 more words

Lake Erie Lowlands

(Mis)reading feminism

I’ve been meaning to write a post on reading feminist texts for a while. I haven’t studied feminism in any formal way so my knowledge is very patchy (often based on what I’ve been able to find for free). 855 more words


Domestic Abuse: Scotland's real Shame

TW: Domestic abuse, domestic violence, misogyny, controlling behaviour, sexual violence

For many women, domestic abuse is something that is a reality they have to live with day in and day out. 1,203 more words