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Lena Dunham

“Women saying ‘I’m not a feminist’ is my greatest pet peeve. Do you believe that women should be paid the same for doing the same jobs?

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Dear Miss Madame : How to Wee In Gay Paris


 Miss Madame to the rescue–toute de suite.


Dear Miss Madame,


I’m going to Paris for the second time, after a two-week stay in Bordeaux but before my trip to Ibiza, and what I have noticed about France is the pink toilet paper (fun!) and the lack of facilities (pas si fun!)  It is nearly impossible to find a place to tinkle! 717 more words


Mentally Ill Does Not Equal Suicidal Slut

Saturday July 12 was SlutWalk Toronto 2014. I proudly shared my experience of being labelled with a mental illness and being a young woman.

When I first entered high school I was known as the “suicidal cutter” and then when I began having sex I was called the “suicidal slut”. 73 more words

Mental Health

Analysing the lyrics to Jason Derulo's 'Wiggle'

I don’t usually over-analyse song lyrics because the majority of what is out there are bearable but the minority of them are utter rubbish and it shames me to think that humanity allowed such garbage to reach the top of the charts. 842 more words

Empathy in the Workplace: Fact or Crap

by Jennifer R. Keup

OK, confession time: I have become highly suspicious of the use of the term “empathy” in the workplace, especially with respect to leadership. 1,251 more words


The Savages Among Us

In writing this piece, I was rather confounded by how to write it without being perceived (and therefore totally prejudiced) as being one, if not all of the following: 481 more words