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Being and NOT being a Feminist!

“Am I a Feminist? ” I used to ask this question to myself much often, as I used to be asked by many, repeatedly.

But how could I answer this question when I don’t know what actually “Feminism” is! 1,523 more words


A puppet’s life

Constantly being pulled by her mechanic’s eye
Her wooden limbs forced to be soft to wait on the smiles of her audience
Her eyes have to shine like a mirrors gleam… 129 more words


Social Media, Online Dating and Twitter Pals: In Defence of the Internet

The further ensconced we get in the technology age, the more people seem to push against it. People spend too much time looking at their phones and not talking to their loved ones, they say. 691 more words


Family - Part 2

This may come as a shocker, because I’m a feminist that I dream of having a family of my own.

As I stated in the previous post, family is incredibly important to me. 388 more words


Feminism in 2014: Where did it all go wrong?

It’s that time of year again, when all good feminists stop, take stock and ask themselves not “what have feminists achieved over the past year?” but “ 472 more words


The Sex Files #1

Tinder. Many have written about it, very few have survived it. While I actually know a handful of people who have found a meaningful relationship that outlives the doomed one-night fling, the horror stories that I’ve both heard and regretfully experienced through Tinder lead me to one inevitable conclusion: it doesn’t work. 709 more words


Your lipstick is not powerful

There’s a lot of emphasis in mainstream feminism on being pretty. Which might sound strange – after all, you’d think feminists would be the least likely group of people to care about being pretty – but it’s true. 454 more words