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Gender critical in a binary world

I’m well aware that identifying as a gender critical feminist is going to have put some people off me already. Possibly some will have decided I’m transphobic and written off everything I have to say already. 887 more words


CAT Convos Episode One: Emily May of Hollaback!


Attention all! The first episode of CAT Convos CATiD is here!! Truthfully, it’s been here for a while but I’m only sharing it now because I finally have the Internets in my new home (aka I’ve returned to the real world). 255 more words


Thank you Dr Montessori

Educational genius Maria Montessori was born on this day in 1870. A woman far ahead of her time, she went to medical school then began her quest to educate young minds. 104 more words


Check Out This A+ Magazine Cover

As I type this on my phone keyboard, I stand in the checkout aisle of the grocery store, holding this stupid magazine. Every headline makes me cringe. 538 more words


Call me a misogynist that's what I'll become...

In my second year of Uni I had decided to live with people I was friends with (you know… as opposed to the people I had made uncomfortable for their first year, but more on that a different time) and all was well for a while. 945 more words


Miss Representation

The must-see movie for all feminists is Miss Representation. It is about sexism in the media. It has interviews with news anchors, actors, and high school students. 116 more words


Women: Your Input Could Wind Up In My Next Book

LadiesРYour input could be included in my next book:

I’m looking specifically for your goals…Goals for the Maiden, the Mother, & the Crone.

Send me a PM at… 149 more words