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My thoughts on feminism

In Western Civ class today, our instructor opened discussion by asking each of us if we were feminist and why or why not. As always, I freeze when my name is called. 607 more words

Embracing the Princess Within

From the time my little girl could speak until present day, she has been obsessed with being a princess. It’s how she wants to go to school; it’s how she wants to grow up. 1,295 more words

Blog Entries

Women, Fitness and Body Image: A Conversation

Photo credit: mustangnews.net

I’ve written a lot about being an eating disorder survivor over the past year for several reasons. It was a cathartic and healing experience for me to share my story and not be afraid of my past. 1,893 more words



Yes, yet another Laci Green video. But I thought this was particularly relevant due to the controversy of “Confessions of a School Slut” and how that encounter qualifies as sexual harassment. 16 more words


Love your work

If I have made any resolution this year, this is it. It is made partly in the spirit of resignation-there are certain things I have no choice about- but it is also recognition of the fact that the things I… 248 more words


Mitch Pearlstein Ponders the Handel's Messiah and Today's Marxist Public Schools

Mitch Pearlstein of the American Experiment Remembers “the Messiah” by Handel:

“Along with much of the rest of the world, I heard portions of Handel’s magnificent “Messiah” this past Holy Week. 658 more words