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Every so often, I am surprised by the integrity and thought provoking-ness of commercials, which usually focus on objectification, materialism and acquisition. I am talking about the Always advertisement #likeagirl, which interviews girls from age 6 to girls in their late teens of what it means to do actions – run, throw, fight – like a girl. 311 more words


Democrat Dirt Piling up in Illinois and New York

I am in the landscape garden business. Overwhelmingly the general public misspeaks regarding the word to describe the beautiful rich mantle which covers the land feeding mankind. 276 more words


Feminist Friday: The Soap Aisle

Readers, I am excited to be hosting the Feminist Friday discussion for Part-Time Monster and Sourcerer this week. Get your Axe ready, because we’re going to talk about the gendered marketing of bath products!

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Join us today for our Feminist Friday discussion, an ongoing, multi-blog project. Over at The Lobster Dance, Leah has put together a stellar post on gendered marketing to adults using soaps, deodorants, etc. as an example. Stop by and chat for a few!

Today's internet reading

An important and well-written article about the problematic aspects of new dads suddenly adopting feminism over on NYMag. Go read it!


A Thousand Tiny Slights

I understand the desire to just ignore politics and social issues. For most of my life, I was completely ignorant of just how deep issues like racism and sexism ran in our society—part of the privilege of belonging to the “majority” groups. 1,472 more words


Emily Dickinson's New Frontier

Emily will take her cedar box
of hidden poems
throwing them on a Sou’ Westerly breeze
in a New England Spring —

They will be snatched and fly… 129 more words


Your space is not my space.

Imagine organising a women’s conference that included all women. Imagine having a conference on feminism that was a safe space for trans* women. Imagine having a conference that was fully wheelchair accessible, that had signers for the deaf, and braille and large-print handouts for the blind and partially-sighted. 366 more words