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Top 5 Feminists in Pop Culture

In a society that often cringes at the word “feminist,” there are still many shining examples of inspirational ladies in the limelight who fully embrace feminism. 535 more words


But wait, there's more! Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants you to know he's a feminist too!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted this video yesterday, wherein he talks about his interview on Ellen (TV show) where he identified himself as a “feminist.” That sparked much interest, and in subsequent interviews, he was asked what feminism meant to him. 37 more words


The New Age of Feminism

I never officially identified myself as a feminist until this week, when I saw a speech from Emma Watson speaking at the United Nations on behalf of the subject. 520 more words

On feminism

I hate it when I have to explain to people what feminism is about – it is not about who opens the door/who foots the bill (you cheapskate); it is not a bandwagon; it is about equal BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. 132 more words


Emma Watson's speech to UN Council on "HeForShe"

Emma Watson delivered a powerful speech for the UN Summit in NYC on Sept. 20, 2014. It was to coincide with the launching of a new organization/effort called… 20 more words


Question: How should men speak about feminism?

Emma Watson’s speech to the UN.

This video has gone viral on social media.

It’s Emma Watson speech to the U.N. about women’s rights. To sum her speech, she has invited, and encouraged, men to be a part of the conversation. 162 more words


Emma Watson Speaks on Gender Inequality & Invites Men to Advocate

Did you catch Emma Watson’s UN launch of the HeForShe campaign?

Amazing. It’s a message that goes beyond women fighting for feminism. Emma, appointed as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, invites women AND men alike to work towards equality, so we can all be more free in our gender roles. 10 more words

Emma Watson