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We like big dicks - an Ode to Jackie Lambie by Claire Pullen, El Gibbs & Christine Donayre

(Sung to the tune of Baby Got Back)

I like big dicks and I cannot lie.

You other sisters can’t deny..

There was much *eye rolling* to be had at some ‘feminist’ reactions to Jackie Lambie’s on air comments about big dicks and men not talking during sex. 1,700 more words


An Apology

I was grumpy about Caitlin Moran on twitter this week and I feel a bit guilty. CaitMo is a force of nature like a sudden downpour or a great big wave that smacks you in the side of the head or an unexpected gust that whips off your hat. 187 more words

Got a spare 2 hours?

Then you should watch this! This is the event I went to last week and the speakers are phenomenal, like really. Some people have the ability to put into words what others are thinking. 47 more words


Women Watch More Films Than Men: How statistics and film reality don't add up.

Before you get concerned that this is going to be a rant that alienates you, think for a moment about this: the whole film industry works on creating a product for a target market. 900 more words

#ShineStrong: Of labels, being apologetic and strength!

A very confused title, right? :)

Let me clear it up. Pantene has been doing this ShineStrong campaign, where they highlight whats wrong with our perceptions and our behaviors. 524 more words


Modern Feminsim: Good or Bad?

So today I felt like I’d get into a topic that we’re all familiar with: Feminism. I’m sure we’ve all seen it, heard of it, argued about it. 670 more words

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The Ultimate Question

The tensile strength of knicker elastic

What is it with chicks? Jeeze! According to EdZilla I don’t do enough research; especially into the female psyche. Hello? 689 more words

Adult Humour