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At The Intersection: Down's Syndrome & Abortion


There has been a lot said over the past 48 hours about Downs Syndrome, prenatal screening and abortion thanks in large part to some tweets sent out by Richard Dawkins: 991 more words


A New Viral Fundraiser: The 'Abortion Rights' Tacos and Beer Challenge

While it’s unclear what dumping a bucket of ice over your head has to do with ALS research, there is no question that the Ice Bucket Challenge — inspiring… 417 more words

The reality of body image issues

Last month, I started an additional blog. I had an idea that has evolved into a collection which grows still.

It started with the realization of just how bad this body image problem really was and how it effects their daily lives. 640 more words


"No...how bout you make ME a plate!" - She said

Girl Power!


And anything else that makes women believe in the brilliance of their minds & bodies.

It’s no secret to those who have kept up with this blog or to those who know me personally that I am someone who not only believes in feminism, but also respects it. 803 more words

My Problem with Attributes of ***** in Popular Song Lyrics

Given the music trends of our time, I quite enjoy listening to the likes of the Weeknd, Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa, Lil’ Wayne and A$AP Rocky – they’re beats are catchy. 224 more words


Feminism and Racism

Post-modernists and bigots need to stop redefining words for the sake of their argument. Racism is not contingent to a systematic power structure. If a minority discriminates and is prejudiced against another based on race, it is Racism. 310 more words


Wanted - cook and maid for son

Recently I got a phone call from one elderly aunt back in India. During the course of our conversation I got to know that her Son was in Cincinnati working and living alone.  502 more words