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Lipstick: From Witches to Bitches

Historicizing Lipstick: From Ancient Civilization to Modern Feminism

From humble beginnings in Egypt and Mesopotamia, lipstick has become a symbol for women of nearly every social class throughout history. 1,321 more words

Big Bites


So, the other weekend, Squisher and I were having a lie-in, reading the internet on our phones, as you do. I was quietly reading whatever it was in my blog feed when he came out with some assinine comment about women ruining a monumental scientific achievement – landing a robot on a comet – by complaining about a shirt a guy wore to announce it, when that shirt was made by his female* friend as a gift. 799 more words


I'm Not a Feminist

I recently (not very recently anymore) watched the above video ‘I’m a feminist’ by Jack Howard, partly because it was Jack Howard, and partly because I take particular interest in feminism and those who identify with it. 2,363 more words

As A Citizen

The Anti-Anti-Cosby Ass-Clown Backlash

Image courtesy of Det Snakker Viom

In case you haven’t been paying much attention to the news–I sure haven’t, honestly; it depresses me–recently Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault/rape.   1,078 more words


Attaining More But Earning Less: How the Issue of Equal Pay is Keeping Women from the Top

“ told me that the most eligible women marry young to get a ‘good man’ before they are all taken,” Sheryl Sandberg said in her 2013 book… 864 more words

#Shirtgate and #Manspread; Feminists Wonder Why People Hate Them

Feminists wonder why people hate them, while they spread messages like this:

#ShirtGate – Attacking scientist Matt Taylor for wearing a shirt they don’t like and ignoring the women who helped land the spacecraft on the comet… 338 more words


Sony advertises Remote Play by sexually suggesting "Never Stop Playing".

While the gaming industry is desperately attempting to redefine itself to gain a higher appeal towards female gamers, Sony seem to be diverting itself by stereotyping their audience to just adolescent males. 372 more words