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Women of Power by Katarzyna Majak

‘Women of Power’ is a collection of photographs by Katarzyna Majak, depicting a selection of spiritual paths and creative visionaries that exist within Polish society, as well as showing the empowerment of women through their craft. 127 more words


Why Feminism?

I’m not going to explain feminism to you. You can look it up if you don’t know.

I believe that everyone is entitled to make their own decisions regarding any movement aimed at equality as long as it’s an educated choice that is accompanied with deliberation. 367 more words


Can we please stop talking about feminists?

Hello there. Welcome to my blog! I’m Liv. I’m 19, I’m a History student, and I am a feminist.

I can now safely assume about half of you have stopped reading. 662 more words


The religion I love

The religion I love doesn’t love me.

And I’m denial in a big way.

I hold on — grasping at straws — wanting to convince myself that it does, or that it will eventually come around. 533 more words


On Gentlemen (or the lack of)

What really riles me up is when men flip around women’s words to their advantage.

Stop using this degrading satire.

My friend’s boyfriend wouldn’t even help her carry groceries because he believed in “gender equality.” 824 more words


Men's Rights to be the Center of All Attention Always

I follow a lot of feminist blogs, facebook pages, IG accounts and the like.  Men follow these pages too.  A small percentage of them follow because they are supportive, intellectually curious, or they totally get it and they are feminists themselves.   1,070 more words


DaPoet reblogged this on Prisoners Of Women’s Dreams and commented:

These women/feminists are so blinded by their female privilege, they think it perfectly righteous to defend their need to have everything be about them at all times always. They think that when men are talking about the outright gender discrimination they face in regards to marriage, divorce and their children, that would be a good time to tell us about that time a man was mean to them when they tried to “compliment” her. When we talk about the things that women have done to us in our own experiences, they can’t just listen. They simply must proclaim “NOT ALL WOMEN/Feminists” or accuse us of exaggerating or imagining these things.

If they were honest with themselves, they would see that their “movement” is about trying to hang onto the privilege women have so long - always - enjoyed at the expense of their husbands, brothers, father’s and lower status men.  They cannot stand that straight, white, heterosexual women aren’t the center of attention at all times everywhere always.  And they experience the loss of this privilege as discrimination.

"Those privileged blue bundles of joy" Karen Straughan

in my world it was just Christmas and Easter at the same time as I noticed that there was a Karen Straughan video out there that I haven’t yet had the pleasure to watch. 33 more words

I Don't Need Feminism