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I hate entitled douchebags

Let me give you one of the more recent examples of male entitlement I have encountered.

So recently a guy spoke to me, he said hello and asked how I was. 549 more words


dudes, domestic violence isn't about you

What the hell is feminism? No one seems to really know anymore, it changes with every person (and generation) you ask, but I guarantee you it most definitely has very little to do with burning bras or being a vegan lesbian; misogynists be wary you may think I’m greedy because I’m a heterosexual feminist that wants to have her steak and eat it too.  848 more words


You can't always get what you want....

I wanted to be one of those Super-women.  I wanted to have a great career, a great marriage, wonderful children, maybe a dog, a spotless house, etc.  275 more words


'Save me! Save me!' Hillary says 'we' don't do enough to help women 'be empowered'

@charlescwcooke You.

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) September 18, 2014

When anyone says "we" don't do enough of anything, they mean you and never them.

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) …

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My Thoughts on Feminism

I simply don’t believe in it.

I understand wanting to be independent and not needing a man to keep you happy. But I don’t get why this gives us, women, the right to misuse and mistreat the men in our lives. 310 more words

Soccer ladies

I’m sitting here with a sleeping baby in my lap and there just happens to be a Europa game on (hmm how’d that happen) so I guess I’ll just have to watch it. 298 more words