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More for my own benefit than for that of people who might read it, I like to sum up my thoughts on feminist topics.

I keep a copy of most of these, perhaps to flesh out as a discussion, or just to help me arrange my thoughts on a particular point. 310 more words

Spring Is Here! Flowers! Fresh Air! Aaaand Street Harassment!

Spring is an awesome time of year (vitamin D, open toed shoes, margaritas at outdoor cafes!), but with it comes an uptick in street harassment that already has me grinding my teeth over the issue.  813 more words


The 'that's not REAL Feminism' Defence

I often hear some Muslims who fall under the sway of Feminism, disagree with my critique of Feminism (and Liberalism too sometimes) by using a defence that ‘that’s not REAL Feminism’, or ‘not all people believe that about Feminism’. 543 more words


Josie Cunningham, class, and the fame game

Glamour models, boob jobs, Big Brother and misogyny sounds like a Big Night In round at Mail Online’s place, so it’s of little surprise that aspiring model and one-time cosmetic surgery patient Josie Cunningham has hit headlines again this week. 860 more words


Hear Me Roar

My name is Jodie and I am a blogging addict.

I used to think blogs were for wankers. Then I started writing. And people started reading. 343 more words