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What is it about victims of domestic abuse...

…that even after the system metes out something that gets called justice, they still have the short end of things. Kat Lister’s got a really good write-up on HuffPo about how male perpetrators of violence are remembered and their victims forgotten, or worse. 131 more words


My View "Elizabeth Warren on Sexism in the United States Senate"


While I agree that it is generally a good thing that there is more diversity in the institutions that represent the people I don’t believe that government should play any role in ensuring that diversity occurs.   428 more words


A letter to the boy who hit my butt with a stick

Dear Boy with the stick,

I’m sorry we can’t be on a first name bases but you left before I got a chance to ask. So you will hence forth be known as the “Boy with the stick.” 955 more words

Anatomy of a Breaking Heart

the silence rams and slices
between my intercostal muscles
and my spare rib is in danger of breaking

the repetitive fire of bullet points
batter and bruise my solar plexus…

45 more words
Random Rambling

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism

This video is owned by FCKh8.com and we couldn’t agree more with the message. Enjoy.


Renee Zellweger and the Guardian's great confusion

This Renee Zellweger thing.  I watched the surprise and shock unfold around me, mostly on twitter, and then, perhaps because I am masochistic, I read… 1,071 more words



In line with my self-proclaimed “writer/blogger’s block” phase I was experiencing I had been thinking about doing something new and different. On one night out I went and asked a group of my old college girlfriends to do something crazy and out of our comfort zones. 153 more words