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can video games turn us into misogynists?

For most of my life I didn’t consider myself a “gamer,” mostly because I had an incredibly narrow understanding of what a gamer could be. I was usually more interested in books and film than I was in video games, so I didn’t think I was “allowed” to describe myself as a gamer. 1,071 more words


Anita Sarkeesian: The Extreme Sexual Harassment

The Internet has given a whole new world in how we communicate, how we spread news to multiple social media accounts, to making up an entirely new identity for themselves. 836 more words

Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency

A comment from one of my philosophy classmates really got me going this morning. We’re beginning our chapter on feminine theories of philosophy, and to clarify the difference between this school of thought and the feminist movement, our professor showed us a clip of… 219 more words


Crystal's Smitten List: Paintings by Iris Grace, Mr. Cory's Cookies, Anita Sarkeesian

This week, I’m smitten with little kids doing awesome things! Starting with…

1. Iris Grace Paintings: It’s not easy being a 5-year-old with autism, a disorder than can make it difficult for individuals to express themselves, communicate, and interact with others. 366 more words


Anita Sarkeesian Game Talk Cancelled Due to Death Threat

Anita Sarkeesian, creator of webseries Feminist Frequency, was forced to cancel her speech organized by the Center for Women and Gender at Utah State University after threat of a “massacre style attack” was issued should the talk occur. 338 more words


La Batalla de Anita Sarkeesian Contra La Industria Machista de los Video Juegos

¿Qué pensamos de alguien que amenaza con cometer un asesinato masivo por el hecho de que una activista y feminista destacada como Anita Sarkeesian planea presentarse en una institución educativa a charlar sobre la evidente deshumanización de la mujer en los video juegos y en la cultura de masas? 301 more words


Bayonetta 2: Too Sexy for Feminism?

     Creator of Feminist Frequency, Anita Sarkeesian posted on her Twitter account disdain over the recently released game Bayonetta 2, criticizing it as being oversexualized attended for male gamers. 613 more words