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The Cult Of Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian and the importance of controlling the discussion

If you’re interested in video games or feminism and had an Internet connection during the last two years, you probably have an idea who Anita Sarkeesian is, but in case you don’t; 2,638 more words

Is it Sexist?: Objectification and Anita Sarkeesian

So it’s been a while since I last wrote about Anita Sarkeesian and her series about feminism and video games. Now it was my hope that the last blog I wrote about her would be my last and that she would fade from my memory. 1,023 more words


Whatcha Been Up To?

So, the last y’all heard from us it was right before we were camping-bound, and I’m sure you all thought we died.

well, Surprise, bitch. 140 more words


RE: Women as Background Decoration (Another Response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Well, another video in the “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” series has been released.  After Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter campaign that raised her almost $160,000, with promises of well-researched and thorough analysis in videos, what have her fans gotten?  975 more words


You Tube

I have recently joined the ranks of avid you tube video watchers who have moved from funny videos about cats and people falling over to videos about peoples views about the world at large. 183 more words

Opinion - Talking About Tropes v. Women

Soooo…this went long.  Sorry!

Viewers of Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency videos on women-in-games generally fall into two categories.  The first is the ever present troglodyte internet trolls that plague so much of the community.  1,470 more words

Hey, A New Feminist Frequency!

Hey, there’s a new Feminist Frequency video! And it’s been up for like, over a week (but I didn’t notice it until now)! Whee!

This is part of Anita Sarkeesian’s… 21 more words

Anita Sarkeesian