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why bother?

I don’t want to phone my Sunday post in, but it looks like I am. Went to a bar yesterday in cosplay, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. 181 more words


Depression Quest: Ultimate Edition

Abdullah couldn’t recognize the bodies of his wife and child—no essence left in their remnants. Not a trace. Not the qualities that carved out their beings or the crackling energy that animated their flesh. 779 more words

Via Feminist Frequency: Women as Background Decoration: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games

If you haven’t subscribed to her YouTube channel please do so! These videos are very informative.

Part I:

Part II


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Must Watch!

Part I:


Part II:


The Maelstrom of Misogyny

I don’t want to talk much about the recent uproar within the gaming community concerning misogyny and hate because I’m just so tired from it… 588 more words


Tropes vs Women in Video Games: From a Technology Angle

Things have gotten crazy in the gaming sphere over the last couple weeks man. Polygon has the best recap I think. Aside from that, I’ve seen thousands upon thousands of words written on recent subjects like feminism and the… 1,600 more words


Nerd Life: Fear the Mob

I love video games, some of my earliest memories are of me playing side scrollers like the original Duke Nukem, or Commander Keen on a bare bones PC in my parents dining room.   1,396 more words

Nerd Life

Anita Sarkeesian got her First Ever Death threat

Anita has been receiving death threats for years apparently, or at least she says she has. But the death threat in question was apparently this… 327 more words