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Feminist Friday Discussion Round 4: Education

If we manage to have a discussion about gender inequality here this weekend, we’ll have talked about it for a solid month.

We started with a discussion of Feminism as a label, and moved from there to prioritization of issues. 588 more words


Feminist Friday Discussion in 9 Hours.

We’re a go. Beginning at 9:15 CST.

Topic: Education as a solution to some problems, and the first step is to break education down into categories. 12 more words


Feminist Friday Preview, with Fabulous Harmonica

I’ve always loved this dude’s harmonica, and the piano is good here.

I’m discussing education as a solution for inequality this weekend, and everyone’s welcome to join in. 153 more words


Don't Worry, Be Happy. (And what do we want to talk about for Feminist Friday?)

A to Z is in hand. I have a post for the Writing Catalog tomorrow, and the one for Wednesday is written in my head. It just needs typing up. 156 more words


Living In America: Living With RapeCulture

“Me and a gun
and a man
On my back
But I haven’t seen Barbados
So I must get out of this
Yes I wore a slinky red thing… 1,063 more words

Stuff That Gets Me Fired Up

Feminist Friday Round Three: Rape

This weekend we are discussing sexual assault against women.

First, let’s look at the global picture. Here’s an map from womanstats.org, via Shards of Silence… 574 more words