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Dropping the F-Bomb.

“Feminism.” And all hell breaks loose, the wombs of all women shrivel up and die and all men are castrated. Who knew A WORD had a such an impact on people who never thought to pick a dictionary and find out what it actually means? 218 more words

Feminist Friday

Feminist Friday: Audre Lorde; then a change of heart

I hesitate slightly in posting this particular piece. Not at all because I take issue with it, but because I have to wonder how it might be judged in the face of all that has been said and written about black lives and black experience in the recent weeks and months. 815 more words

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Feminist Friday: 10 Favorite Feminist Pins

I’m still preparing for my oral comprehensive exams. On Monday afternoon, I’ll sit in a room with 5 of my professors, my comps committee, who will fire questions at me about my research focus area (children’s literature) and my research methodology (feminist theory) and how those fit together within my selected time period (1865-1965). 139 more words

Part Time Monster

GSEC Presents "Consent: It’s Required"

By Rachel Ward, Gender and Sexuality Equity Center Intern Coordinator

The AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) is taking a stand against sexual assault. In October 2014, GSEC’s Women’s Program developed a mini video series on the topic of consent. 100 more words

Want Another Round of Feminist Friday Discussions? Let Me Know This Weekend!

I’m a little later than I intended to be with this today, but here it is. The Feminist Friday discussions are mine and Diana’s greatest blogging success, but they aren’t our success alone. 982 more words


Feminist Friday: Beauty, Objectification and Bullsh*t

Upworthy has sort of become my latest idea of a great thing.

All sorts of intriguing and controversial stuff can be found there and I am amassing quite a few interesting videos that can fit nicely into blogging topics. 970 more words

Woman & Gender

Feminist Friday

When I first moved to the Netherlands in 2010, I told myself that this was not just a matter of pursuing studies overseas, but that it was about finding myself. 1,305 more words

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