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Important Info and A Weekly Preview

The A to Z list is live. We’re #96. Use this link to register. Official announcement on Thursday.

According to this post, registration for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge opens tomorrow. 306 more words

Part Time Monster

Brace Yourself! #FeministFriday is Coming!

We’ve got five Feminist Friday posts coming on four blogs over the next six weeks for sure. We were going to do a six- or seven-week run, but… 258 more words


Feminist Friday - Sexual Harassment, Part 1

Last week I found myself, quite surprisingly, being asked to participate in a sexual harassment investigation at my job.

My boss pulled me into an office to talk to two women in suits who I had never seen before. 1,003 more words


Feminist Friday: The poetry of abuse

**I apologize. TW: child sexual abuse. This post was pre-scheduled to publish and I inadvertently disregarded adding this TW in my last edit.

Every so often I pick up one of my old textbooks on gender, or feminism, or feminist theory. 512 more words

Random Musings

Feminist Friday: Everyday Feminism

Slowly but surely I feel some of the passion surrounding Feminist Friday to be making a return. Rather than jump in with both feet I’m gonna take it slow and just see what comes. 275 more words


And Then Something Awesome Happened

A story. I had a lull in my day yesterday and decided to browse the pop culture tag on my phone and look for some readers for… 288 more words


Not Everyone Was Born to Be a King . . . But EVERYONE Can Raise a Glass and Sing!

This is one of Diana’s anthems. I post it from time to time to make her smile. Also, to make a philosophical point in a humorous way. 238 more words