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Fat girls hate skinny girls. Discuss.

Over the summer, the state of Ass Anxiety (AA) reached fever-pitch. On the debate rages: Is it good or bad to have a big butt? 1,286 more words


Blog Post #3

One of the most important features of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-Paper” is that the wallpaper is a very direct parallel to women’s status during the time (and even to an extent now). 294 more words


“I’m Not a Feminist, But . . .”: Marxist and Socialist Feminism

We hear people say this all of the time, and yet they often go on to express “feminist” ideas and could identify as a feminist. There are many reasons why people distance themselves from the feminist movement. 645 more words


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The Revenant Past: Literature, Gothic, Place

I’m speaking at a symposium held in The Old Asylum at Port Arthur later in the year. My talk is as follows: 122 more words


Towards a Feminist "Axiomatics"

The title of this post, Feminist ‘Axiomatics,’ is a term I will use to explain and articulate a specific gesture within feminist theory – mainly found in the work of Elizabeth Grosz and Sara Ahmed. 1,987 more words

Quotation Corner #4—bell hooks on sisterhood

Sisterhood could never have been possible across the boundaries of race and class if individual women had not been willing to divest of their power to dominate and exploit subordinated groups of women. 

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