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Feminists We Love: Dr. Kristie Dotson

 It slowly dawned on me that forced and coerced silencing additionally victimized most, if not all, people who had a history that included significant personal harm and suffering.

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Human Rights

The Day I Decided to Give Zero Fucks

“So what are we singing tonight ladies?” Said a drunk 30-year-old man who invaded the table my friend and I were sitting at. He demanded that we sing karaoke with him simply because he felt his assertiveness gave him the right to our space. 501 more words



I was recently having an intriguing conversation with a friend. We were sitting around on a lazy morning, drinking coffee, eating bagels, discussing the effects of the Patriarchy on modern-day women and society…in short, it was a normal morning. 567 more words



There is an invariable moment in every relationship in my life when a man or woman will suddenly look at me after I have been speaking and ask: “ 579 more words


Sarah Ahmed

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Critical Race Theory

Carnivalesque Women

The carnival in Mikhail Bakhtin’s terms is a festive, second burst of life that collapses social barricades to allow a merging of oppositions.[1] This unification of oppositions, such as those involving class and gender, is permitted under the assumption that it is temporary and any power given by implication is illusory, thus preserving the established authority’s confidence and comfort in their social standing. 289 more words



During our conversation on Frye’s “Oppression,” we pointed out that not only are women put in a double bind in very serious ways that result in severe punishments, such as domestic and sexual violence, but that we experience the double bind in less severe, everyday ways.   173 more words

Consciousness Raising