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Sew for Victory!

As spring brings warmer weather to Blue Ridge, I can’t help but feel excited about packing up all the heavy sweaters and replacing them with t-shirts and skirts. 775 more words


Feminism 2.0


A way to a better world and new feminism, according to Tammy Bruce of Prager University, consists of 3 metaphorical pillars that women today should practice in order to be successful and free from patriarchy. 432 more words


Gender Focus

Lisa is a contributor for the online feminist publication Gender Focus. She examines social issues and writes articles emphasizing women’s political and social position in contemporary society. 23 more words

This is a Gender Issue?

Hillary Crosley recently penned a post for Jezebel entitled, “Feminist Battle: Are You Privileged Enough to Get Some Sleep?

My question: why is this a feminist battle? 173 more words

Social Issues

Feminist? No, women are better than that

Since the early 19th century, women have fought for equality, gender equality. But the truth is women aren’t equal to men, we were not created to be equal. 164 more words

A better course for MRAs

I am going to begin with the contention that men in western societies have legitimate grievances. They do face systemic discrimination (I must respectfully disagree on this point with numerous commentators and bloggers, such as… 311 more words

Social Issues

It is highly ironic that a certain kind of theoretical performance, which only a small group of people can possibly understand, has come to be seen as representing critical thought and has been given recognition within many academic circles.

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