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Five Things I Know To Be True: July 2014

Since June’s Five Things list was short and sweet, I decided that July deserved a little more effort. I’ve been feeling pretty reflective lately, so I’m back to my longwinded ways! 468 more words


Dr. Walter Block Responds To Feminist

Press For Truth, Jul 27, 2014

The setting is the 3rd day of Rothbard University put on by Mises Canada at mises.ca… a young female reporter enters the Walter Block lecture. 67 more words


A response to IWANTEDWINGS: why feminism isn't enough.

I came across this post recently, “A Response To Women Against Feminism”, read it, read it again, and loved it. {It was very deserving of it’s Freshly Pressed status}. 945 more words


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As with the original “A Response To Women Against Feminism” post, I agree with certain salient points that A Day in the Life of Ana is makes here. Particularly this:

The first wave feminists and suffragettes fought for our basic rights long ago, and we have, without doubt, come a long way. But nowhere near far enough. And it’s no longer just about feminism. The fact that there are still, right now, young girls and women in today’s world being denied an education, being sold into child slavery, prostitution, and marriage, having their genitals mutilated, being raped and abused the world over isn’t a feminist issue. It’s a human rights issue that concerns every citizen of the planet.

  Also, as with the original post, there are some points raised I nitpick as a third-world feminist, but I reserve that for a day when I have had a couple glasses of wine and am feeling both righteous and writeous.

Potentially Unnecessary Feminist Rant

Morrisons have started doing classic board games in a new card game format. My dad went shopping today and brought me a shiny new box of Guess Who cards, which of course, being sophisticated twenty-one-year-old, I promptly unwrapped and forced mama to stop watching Tom Daly throwing himself off a high shelf and sit on the floor to play with me. 207 more words


Why India needs feminism?

The problem with Indians is that they are inherently patriarchal and we have been brought up in a society that discriminates on sexual grounds. Surprisingly, such traditional stereotypes are present in both the genders. 389 more words

Men's Rights to be the Center of All Attention Always

I follow a lot of feminist blogs, facebook pages, IG accounts and the like.  Men follow these pages too.  A small percentage of them follow because they are supportive, intellectually curious, or they totally get it and they are feminists themselves.   1,070 more words


How To Cure A Feminist: Spoken Word by Kait Rokowski

I’m a feminist, but I have to concede that I feel rather ignorant about the diverse feminist movement, their arguments, and methods. Furthermore, my male thinking, I’m ashamed to admit, is still tainted with my patriarchal upbringing. 768 more words