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I need feminism because

I get told ladies don’t need piercings to make them pretty.

I get told my behaviour is unladylike on a regular basis.

I get told I should be home looking after my husband more. 213 more words

Role Reversal: Who wears the pants?

In an earlier and much simpler time, the role of men and women were clearly defined. The man went out to the farm or to hunt and the women cooked whatever they brought back and tended the huts or caves. 677 more words

Wednesday Special

A Response to Sharon Hodde Miller on the Modest is hottest debate

Sharon Hodde Miller wrote a piece for ChristianityToday.com back in 2011 about how the ‘Modest is Hottest’ movement was hurting young women. I was not blogging back then, and in fact had not heard of this movement until recently. 2,634 more words



Hello readers (helloooo anyone out there??)

My life is glorious, gross (poop every where), painful, loving, and full of growing pains. I have found myself looking back to one year ago and seeing a completely different life, a total shift in direction of growth and change and it seems this is just the beginning! 315 more words


Why You and I Need Feminism

While recently scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I came across an interesting article. The article was on a Tumblr page titled Women Against Feminism where women can express their reasons for not needing feminism. 1,013 more words

Fabulous Birthday Present Idea!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, 

Is it your birthday? Do you need to treat yourself? Well have I got a treat for you!! 

Manservants.co is a new website and a new movement. 84 more words


Rape Culture and Victim Culture Collide

There is such a thing as rape culture.   Don’t even come to my page thinking I am going to say there isn’t, because there totally is.  1,701 more words