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On Open Peer Review

I highly recommend the new ADA, Publishing and Its Discontents. I haven’t read it all, but greatly enjoyed the piece on “Feminist Journal Editing… 150 more words


Dance the Moon Down by R.L. Bartram

My single mom raised two kids, had three jobs, and held down the house, so I’m all about strong, independent women.

I’m also all about finding literary gems. 363 more words


I am a girl and I am afraid of being raped
It scares me, the thought of strong arms
Forcing me to bed, without clothes, consent… 283 more words

Does using "Feminism" in Advertising/Marketing work?

Heads up I am not a marketing expert! But I had noticed the abundance of “feminism” being used in advertising lately. The article linked is brilliant at grouping the different type of “feminism” used in recent advertising. 525 more words

Why I got so angry about the Veet ‘Dudeness’ campaign

It doesn’t take a lot for me to turn into an angry lady these days. I have a wedding in four weeks time, have the constant urge to clean, am dealing with three serious illnesses, and my career is very full on with very little pay. 513 more words