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The meat and the eatery. The myth and the mystery.

The morning came, after a night spent wrapped around one another’s warm arms. Unaware of ongoing proceedings as day broke, he stayed yet asleeps; in the same bed which played host to the many before him.  314 more words


A Rant About a Terrible Movie Called "Black Death"

Look everyone! Here’s another trumped up male revenge fantasy of slaughtering the Evil, Vile Witch Woman who means to bring death and pain to all good, moral, God-fearing Christians! 360 more words

My Lil' Iconoclast

I have been trying to have a more minimalist approach to decorating, specifically in Merlin’s room.  I hated all the plastic toys and bright colored Hot Wheels and Legos that he insisted on playing with so while he was playing with his friend I threw them all away.   152 more words


How to Organize a Feminist Zine Fair - Part 1

This post was originally published on Shameless Magazine’s blog.  You should check out all of their awesomeness here!

Zines are a really exciting form of making media. 1,096 more words


Women’s ovaries don’t agree with Feminism

“The biological reality that female fertility peaks in the teens and early 20s can be difficult for many American women to swallow, as they delay childbirth further every year, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. 2,745 more words


Rewriting the Rules

Passing by a store window in the mall with Stephen a few days ago, we say a huge scroll labeled “The Perfect Boyfriend,” followed by a huge list of things that apparently make for the “perfect boyfriend.”  This window decoration is just one of literally thousands of examples of expectations thrown at boys and men for what they should be doing as boyfriends.   1,192 more words