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Hashtag Girl Power

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Facebook seems to have become this hub where we no longer share family vacation albums or update our statuses. Instead, it is flooded with news articles, advertisements, and hoax stories shared by “friends” we don’t really know anymore (or remember at all, really). 580 more words


Why are women fighting women?!


Is the world on fire right now? I think that having free time recently, my world has been re-opened to the multiple political and cultural conversations that are continuously flooding social media and popular culture. 1,416 more words


Miss Possible: Dolls To Inspire Girls To Be Awesome

Wow, I am so totally impressed with the two women that put together this campaign for Miss Possible Dolls featuring Marie Curie, Bessie Coleman, Ada Lovelace, and an unknown fourth doll whose identity will be voted on. 232 more words


Recommended Reading: Bitch Media

Although the newspaper and magazine industries have taken a hit in recent years, I still find that there is nothing more enjoyable than waking up and reading something palpable with a hot coffee by my side. 328 more words


Sexuality and Sainthood

Have you noticed a lot of posts about feminism and women’s equality on your social media feeds recently? I have. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with a confluence of events: first we had the misogynistic… 788 more words

Intersectionality: A Tool For Analysis Of Social Divisions

Intersectionality is a highly contested theory or tool, and also has multiple definitions. Some argue “‘Intersectionality’ refers to the interaction between gender, race and other categories of difference in individual lives, social practices, institutional arrangements and cultural ideologies and the outcome of these interactions in terms of power.” (Davis, K, 2008:58). 4,590 more words


Lena Dunham

“Women saying ‘I’m not a feminist’ is my greatest pet peeve. Do you believe that women should be paid the same for doing the same jobs?

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