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5 Reasons Angelina Jolie is a Feminist Hero

Women and men alike are in awe of Angelina Jolie’s decision to publicly discuss her decision to have a preventative mastectomy to reduce her likelihood of contracting breast cancer.   653 more words

[170414] Sexism: My Stance (Part 2)

I won’t claim that there’s no such thing as sexism towards men, both from women and from themselves. Ideas such as that a man is always eager for sex, and that if he turns down coitus he is not a ‘real man’. 738 more words


These days, I’m rocking the hairy armpits and loving it. I’d seen other girls at Evergreen with armpit hair peeking out from the edges of their shirts, but I’d always been content to keep shaving. 478 more words


shake that ass, baby: men, you're better than street harassers

You are walking a few minutes from your home with your friend. The silence turns into heavy stomps and deep laughter behind you. Your friend reaches for your hair, pulling it out of its ponytail, and tucks it into your cardigan. 463 more words


My Top 5 Shameless Girl Crushes

Hi, Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Only TWO more days until Friday and, if you’re like me, some of you probably have Friday off from work or school for Good Friday too, which means tomorrow is our Friday! 1,236 more words