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Rachel Graves

Graves is a artist based in Nottingham. She works with photography a lot and aims to challenge ideas of what society believes a photograph is. In 2007 she began a project called ‘Menagerie’, focusing on how animals and women are objectified in similar ways. 249 more words

A Levels

Feminist Melody Hensley threatens war veteran heroes

The great feminist Melody Hensley thinks she has it worse than veterans of war because twitter gives her PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). You can read her moving, emotional tale of woe, titled by the DailyMail as “ 173 more words


Two Goddesses (Check On It)

Hey everyone, I always tell myself to think outside the box. Today I am collaborating with a friend of mine who also blogs, Her name is Cali, I will link you everything that I wear as well she will link everything that she wear on her blog, You can check out what she has on by viewing her blog post which I will link (Points Below) Okay lets get started… 118 more words


Late response to "Hip Hop Tamizhan" Adhi's "Club le mabbu le"

The song Club le Mabbu le is a Tamil song by a wannabe rapper Adhi. He claims to love his culture, but pronounces Tamil The same way the people whom he criticises speak. 357 more words


Oh what a wonderful life! Thoughts on Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a long-standing farm simulation series starting in 1996 with the Game Boy release Harvest Moon. Since then it has released a stream of Harvest Moon games, a collection of spin-offs, including the successful series… 980 more words


The Question

“All women are either
Bitches or
So which one
Are you?”

A question
Once asked of me
By women, all
Ready with answers

Never Too Busy for Feminism

So I must begin by apologizing for the radio silence of late! I have just started my formal teacher training and have an insane workload already (for those of you who think us teachers just take holidays all the time – we don’t!  618 more words