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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in being a Feminist

You, Joseph G-L my friend, have gone a step further on my staircase, well done! :)

Accidentally Found

Letter for their 20s

i was made to believe
we who write also dance
yet no dancer writes
(the way we write)
no writer ever dances
(the way they dance) 58 more words


Ten books to feed your feminist imagination

Celebrating feminism from protagonist to just plain queer!


Something About Mary

I know it’s my Catholic upbringing that really put Mary in the spotlight of my heart. She was devotional, kind, beautiful by all renderings, and strong. 282 more words


Feminist Friday: #Twitterpurge, Women, and Internet Culture

Over the weekend Something Happened on the Internet. Well, something happened on Twitter. It was called #twitterpurge, and though it seems to have slowed down a lot since then, it hasn’t quite ended. 664 more words


"Women Against Feminism": YOU'RE ON BLAST

This goddamn women against feminism movement has got my panties in a bunch. It really irks me that people can be so asinine. Granted, I understand if you choose not to identify as a feminist. 833 more words