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Emma Watson for ELLE UK: The Fresh Face of Feminism.

The incredibly talented & intelligent, Emma Watson shines for ELLE UK’s latest issue . She’s dubbed the ‘Fresh Face of Feminism’ and we couldn’t agree more, particularly after her powerful & game-changing UN speech on gender equality. 370 more words


Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' Campaign Sparks Fury

For anyone who hasn’t walked down a high street recently, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret revealed its new selection of ‘body’ bras. Walking past a shop window or billboard you will be smacked in the faces by a row of computer-perfected, identical female bodies smiling about how pretty they are with the words “The Perfect ‘Body'” stretched across their  toned, tanned midriffs. 276 more words


What does it really mean to be a Feminist?

I’ve come to realize that there are way too many misconceptions of what feminism is and what it means to be a feminist. To break it down, … 579 more words

Bitch you ugly anyway! A fit about street harassment, gender, and power

As if my readers needed another reminder (and they might, because they may be new!) I am half-black, black passing, and NOT-WHITE. I grew up in a predominately white suburb, and it was weird. 1,645 more words


Review: Walk of Shame

Bechdel test: Yes
Feminist points: 

Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) is a local news anchor who’s on her way to the top with a job lined up at the national TV channel CNB. 237 more words


Why I Am A Feminist And A Christian — And God Loves It

The older I get, the more I identify with the word “feminist.”

I used to be one of those girls who feared the word feminist. I associated it with images of angry women, picketing fiercely, sporting butch hairstyles and yelling at me for my red lipstick and the bow in my hair. 727 more words

Life Lessons

Monsters Inc. & Monsters University

Okay, I have to admit Monster Inc. is a tricky one in the eyes of a feminist. In my opinion, this is because it is such a beloved  movie that is EXTREMELY  hard for me to be objective. 508 more words