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Beyoncé + Feminism

With Beyoncé’s release of her most recent visual album in 2013 self-titled, Beyoncé, and even more recently with her 2014 VMA performance it seems that Beyoncé has opened the door for an important dialogue between people regarding the topic of feminism. 858 more words



Cheer girls are supposed to ‘look good’ on screen and most men will feast their eyes on them, even ‘off screen’, when they get that chance. 1,108 more words

In Retrospect: While You Were Sleeping is THE Best Stalker-Rom-Com of All Time

Let me have Netflix introduce this movie to y’all: “Sandra Bullock plays a transit worker who rescues a handsome commuter, then pretends to be the comatose man’s fiancée while falling for his brother”. 2,476 more words


Sylvia Path

Being born a woman is an awful tragedy

“The sheer truth ness which resonates from this piece, is so correct it feels like she has walked into my thoughts and written it down, pen to paper.”


SOME Girls and What Makes Them Annoying

So, on this rather dull and depressing night, with a lot to do but with no plans to actually do anything, I sit before the computer and think about how my potential writing career is going down the drain in future because I’m not at all writing these days. 515 more words

Random Thoughts

Alright men, it's not all about you.

When guys try to be sweet by saying things like “you don’t need to wear makeup, I think you’re beautiful without it”

Mmm, problem is sweetheart… 7 more words

Exchange Book Launch Party!

About six months ago, my friend Louise Evans and I decided to “do a book”.  She sent me five pictures, which I responded to with a poem, and I sent her the same amount of poems, which she illustrated. 84 more words