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Ms. Minaj, We're Not Stupid...But You Obviously Think We Are

In my quest towards understanding women better and embarking on truly living this female dominated lifestyle towards feminism (damn my girlfriend for calling me to action), I have to say that for once I don’t know which side of the fence to stand on. 682 more words


All women sleep around.

The title says it all. All women sleep around. That is an obvious fact. They all sleep around, they’re all the same. There are no women who don’t sleep around. 226 more words


The cost of prettiness

Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female’.

—Diana Vreeland

I’d never thought much about the costs of personal grooming until I watched 

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Venus, Mars, Jupiter... You know. One of those.

I live in a place where street harassment is a matter of course, where women are taught never to go anywhere alone, where sexual harassment is a woman’s fault. 1,432 more words

Anti Feminism

The Good Indian Girls

A cousin once came to stay with us for an year to complete her studies. She was doing a unit on politics in the Pacific, took Japanese language classes in the evenings and wrote poetry. 1,504 more words

Daily Prachar

Putting the 'hot' in 'pushy, psychotic bitch'

Last month, Pantene followed up their ad, Labels Against Women, which called attention to the gender bias and double standard that still exists prominently in today’s world, with the following ad: 297 more words

Cultural Issues

STFU: Richard Dawkins And The Arrogance Of Rape-splaining

TW: Rape, date rape

Boy oh boy. We’ve got an early dose of rape-plaining* today!

Richard Dawkins, a 73-year-old dude and evolutionary biologist, decided to voice his opinions on rape this morning. 418 more words