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Feminists, Women against feminism and MRM

This is in reply to the feminists who are against WomenAgainstFeminism movement

Currently world over there is a huge debate going on whether feminism is dead. 1,294 more words

Gender Bias

Kate Kelly’s religious conundrum – examined

Though this bit of prose reads more like poetry, those who can recognize and internalize its message, will have gained a surprisingly concise tool.

One that speaks to and answers any number of religious, and religious/political, conflations – in understanding their overweening need to be right.

Free Thinkers

Women who post sexy Facebook pics of selves judged less competent--also, sun rises in east

Um, this is actually considered a problem?

Women can’t get ahead no matter what they do, and this is a society where women who are sexual (or present themselves sexually) are judged.

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not scary anymore :D

a week ago I used to be scared of these people because the nonsense they spout is taken seriously by too many in influential positions. Especially the predatory teacher made me very sad with the inluence that she has on young impressionable people. 91 more words

I Don't Need Feminism

Why I'd take Betty Friedan any day over today's whining feminists--Betty Friedan could write

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

I’m not a feminist — that’s an understatement — but I sometimes get nostalgic for feminists.

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