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The To Do List: Female sexuality, hand jobs, and Aubrey Plaza by Rena Johnson

I think when people first heard that a teen sex comedy from a female’s point of view was being made, many were expecting something somewhat sophisticated and classy. 444 more words


Things Feminists Hate: Women Protecting Themselves

This seems counter to any logic that I can conceive of. Even the most backwards of the modern feminists should believe in women being proactive about their safety. 889 more words


Can you walk a lifetime in my shoes: Men vs Women

This is the 21st century, no questions asked, but finally can we say it’s easier to be a woman than a man?

A woman’s life: 237 more words

Rotherham has a real rape culture--which is why "rape culture"-obsessed feminists don't care

From Just 4 Guys:

As of this writing, Google can find no mention of Rotherham (except for one or two discussion comments) at any of the feminist websites I examined: Feministing, Feministe, Bitch Magazine, Ms.

127 more words

Are We Damsels in Distress?

This morning, one of my male friends told me a story from his college days in which he attended a fraternity party with some of his friends and their girlfriends, only to wind up in a physical altercation in which the girls provoked some of other fraternity brothers and then expected automatic protection from my friend as well his friends. 1,128 more words


5 Things MEN Can Do To Be More Attractive to WOMEN


We all love those lists where men tell us how we can be more attractive. Now it’s our turn, ladies!

1. Respect women.

It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated – and that includes women! 323 more words

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