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My Take on Feminism: What It Is and What It Is Not


Whenever and whenever the word is is read or heard, people get confused. Some people think feminism is the superiority of women over men and the belief that all men are created equally horrible, sexist, and evil. 574 more words


Today, Emma Watson became our Feminist Hero

In an act that is everything we here at The Undercover Feminist could only have dreamed of, Emma Watson has delivered a glorious speech on gender equality at the UN Headquarters in New York City. 1,474 more words


Don't look now feminists, but a Dem senator just supported 'campus rape culture' [photo]


As Twitchy reported, Sen. Mary Landrieu tossed her support over to … keg stands. Seriously; It happened. The mockery was bountiful and deserved and then Iowahawk weighed in with this excellent point: 141 more words

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‘Like a girl.’

It is puzzling that the phrase ‘…like a girl’  when added onto a sentence makes it an insult. Why is it a bad thing to do things like a girl? 199 more words


A love letter to Elizabeth Bennet

My dear Lizzy,

I know that I am being totally cliché when I say that you are my favourite literary character of all time. But you truly are. 627 more words


Chick Vibes

A good playlist has magical powers; the ability to lift, excite, comfort or inspire.

The right mix of tunes can really leave you feeling and thinking in a new light. 70 more words