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Top 10 feminist fiascoes of 2014--No. 1: UVA "rape" hoax; No. 2: Wendy Davis

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

A banner year for feminist fails

The “gang rape” hoax at UVA: Rolling Stone’s 9,000-word feat of “investigative reporting” smelled worse than a bucketful of day-old chicken heads from the day it was published on Nov.

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“Zoomers” ... A Booming Niche

1946 to 1964 marked the biggest baby boom ever. These children were aptly nicknamed “Baby Boomers” by gerontologists and the name stuck. By sheer numbers, this group changed the way people thought about the world and became the most important trendsetters in all aspects of life; from art, film, music, fashion, and science, to consumer goods, tastes, and aspirations. 382 more words


Unicorns and Aimless Feminists

I have a huge problem with living in a first world country. Every time I hear someone complain, it gets on my nerves. It really gets on my nerves! 270 more words


When someone tells you....

As a woman, qualities traditionally associated with men gets you strange comments.I’m talking about being a go getter, aggressive,ambitious, and other (what I consider positive) adjectives. 102 more words

Every Comment Against Feminism Proves Feminism

Shirtgate. JFC, what a mess. What a ruckus all over a little shirt. Everybody needs to calm the eff down: feminists, anti-feminists, men’s rights, pro-patriarchy, anti-anti-feminists. 701 more words

Emma Watson Is the Top Celebrity Feminist of 2014

The Ms. Foundation and Cosmopolitan.com have released a list of the top feminist celebrities of the year, and actress Emma Watson is number one.

As a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Watson helped found the He for She program this year and made a… 112 more words

"Talking out of my ass"

You know what. I’m just so bloody tired of this war between both 1) the extreme “feminists against meninists” (meninists is hard to pronounce) and 2) all the ignorant potheads in between on social media. 375 more words