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10 types of people that you should never marry

It’s good to good to fall in love and get married but the level of divorce keeps increasing daily due to intolerance for a spouse habit.the best way to prevent divorce is to avoid marrying people that have traits that you can’t endure.below is a list showing why you forget about marrying that your spouse to avoid divorce. 777 more words


For Men Only - Don't Play That Game!

Men I am going to get serious here and discuss a major trap that men fall for and never see coming. You may hear or see on a television show a funny skit where a couple plays the “what is your fantasy game.” Normally it is generic and we all get a chuckle from it and move on to the next program. 260 more words


Fatties Out in Full Force To Defend Fat Ugly Barbie

Sometimes you get so lucky a blog just writes itself. So this is what happens when you attack the fatties and the feminists I guess. They come at you in full force. 221 more words


Femogyny, Part 1: Dealing with Hatred towards Feminists in Discussions

What is feminism? What is femongyny?

Femogyny (a made-up word by me):

hatred toward feminists.

Feminism is (not a word I made up) :

#1: belief that women and men should be treated equally, without regard for sex or gender.

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Dr Matt Taylor, Kim Kardashian and the feminists

There has been a bit of an outrage about Dr Matt Taylor, the scientist part of the Rosetta mission team, and his just as famous half-naked ladies shirt; ironically worn around a similar time as Kim Kardashian wore nothing and tried to break the internet with her butt. 3,103 more words

Feminists: Get Educated Please

You know, one of the most common responses I get from feminists (or SJWs these days) is “I’m not here to educate you.” Which seems really weird, seeing as how they love to talk about things that are just completely fabricated. 1,101 more words


My Bucket List – Part 2

For the first part please refer to the below link.


1. I am going to put on a white robe and randomly walk into the first “Christian church” I find and shout “You idiots! 324 more words