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Feminism Needs A Leader

I see this a lot in arguments from people who don’t seem to understand why I protest Feminism quite a bit.

“Well Feminism is equality for men and women.” 257 more words


Dumblr and Feminism

Oh Tumblr, how much I hate you.

Your userbase is absolutely baffling, but at the same time it does provide entertainment for those sane enough not to partake but watch. 516 more words


Massive backlash against abuse of 'F-bomb princesses

They’re sweet little girls – as young as 6 or 7 years old – dressed in adorable princess dresses.

But what comes out of the mouths of these charming sweethearts is likely to make you fall out of your chair. 324 more words

US News

Sex Slaves Forced into " Call for bombings of their enslavement brothels." Yazidi Feminist Courage!

Reading the text from the call just about brought me to tears. And to think, we have fellow Americans, Canadians, Britons, and others joining these sex-crazed barbarians. 43 more words

Feminist Buzz Words And How Stupid They Sound

Let’s have a fun time with a subject we’ve all heard and it becomes so sickening to hear of it. I decided to turn it into a fun little thing here..or maybe it wont be. 637 more words


Beyoncé Bares All for Feminism: The Benefits of Tasteful Stripping

Some insight into the power of sexual freedom, female expression, and a really great ass. 1,120 more words

Appreciation Moment for people against #GamerGate

This is an open letter to those of you against #GamerGate

Dear misinformed, mistreated, and misunderstood people.

I do not like what you say, what you do or how you act, but I’ll fight for your right to say it. 234 more words