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LFR&B: Britney Spears - "(Drop Dead) Beautiful Inside Out"

Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves…



Bradford, Easter Weekend 2014, walking back from Undercliffe Cemetery, I saw this board placed over a broken window. Thought she looked special and so she does.


Drawn This Way

By Adelina Sarkisyan

“She was bad. She was dangerous. I wouldn’t trust her any farther than I could throw her. But…she was my kind of woman.” –Tony Hunter, “The Band Wagon” 1,527 more words

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Awesometracks: Blade Runner

I was going to start this new section with another soundtrack, but I ultimately decided to talk first about Blade Runner‘s OST, as it has been my latest addiction.


Nippon Heaven presents: Femme Fatale

Official Site

The new band Famme Fatale is formed in begining of 2014. Their official site is opened on 09.04.2014. They started very fast and will release their 1st single ”FREYA” on 28.05.2014. 60 more words

Nippon Heaven Presents

Notes on nails - Keeper of the Grove

I’ve recently filed my nails short, which I like to do every now and again, particularly when they’ve accumulated some wear and tear. My nails grow ridiculously fast, so I’ll have grown them out in no time. 275 more words


This Actress Is Being Sued For Refusing to Perform a TOPLESS SEX SCENE...

Actress Anne Greene is being sued by a production company for allegedly refusing to film a topless simulated sex scene on Cinemax. This comes only after she sued them for asking her to take off her shirt and perform said simulated acts. 213 more words