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Christian Dior SS15 #fashion #phc

LA LA LA LA LA LA… Lovers, one of my fav brands, and this collection was one of my fav, I think it was so different, so fresh and new, I am so in love with all the combinations and prints, I am so crazy about the flowers and of course the pop-art style in some of the pieces… I am so in love with everything about Dior, it was just amazing and stunning, the style and inspiration were just gorgeous, I am crazy about the flower embroidery, the details at the dropped tops were amazing and of course the plastic capes were amazing with that print… Lovers this collection was BEYOND !!! 33 more words


Dice Kayek SS15 #pfw #phc #fashion

at the beginning of this collection I didn’t feel it like a Couture one, it was just too simple, but at the end I think it redeemed itself… I loved so much the tailoring here, I think those cuts and details are just amazing, the layer details are marvellous and I liked so much the voluminous pieces.. 60 more words


Georges Hobeika SS15 #pfw #phc #fashion

Lovers this is why I love Couture, for all the details, I think details are made for Couture collections and this one was no different, I am so in love with all the pieces here, the color was fantastic, one thing I love the most in Haute Couture, are pastel colors, and here it were just gorgeous, it worked so well to create those amazing dresses… 74 more words


Schiaparelli SS15 #fashion #phc #pfw

Bonjour lovers !!! and welcome back to Paris Haute Couture !!!! yes lovers, it’s time to say by to men’s collections and say hi to Couture season… So why am I talking that much? 141 more words


Versace SS15 #pfw #phc #fashion

Bonjour lovers !!! and welcome back to Paris!!! it’s been a while… wait a second, I am still in Paris.. anyways, I am so happy for you to be here, and I cannot wait to see all the entire collections, I am so excited for the upcoming PHC… I think all the collections will be amazing and I cannot wait… Lovers, thanks again for being here… Please enjoy and have so much fun…. 200 more words


Wipe The Coal From The Diamond

She is the light, the darkness,

there’s smoothness and there’s the edges,

like an eternal spring that leads to thirst,

lost in the depths that she dredges, … 198 more words