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when it rains...

Obviously the demise of my relationship with Drew is having a major effect on my emotions; I’m sad frequently, and hit moments where I just need to cry for a few minutes. 626 more words


Marriage Traditions

My fiancee has been lesbian for the larger part of her adult life. She never expected to get married. We are getting married in 10 days in a personal ceremony, with just the two of us, the minister, and photographer. 156 more words


Skriver femininitet

Jag skriver på ett inlägg om femninitet, femme och oförmåga att upprätthålla respektabel femininitet men det blir så personligt att jag måste pausa lite. Skrivandet suger in mig och jag märker inte smärtan i högra sidan förrän handen har domnat, jag hyperfokuserar och blir så odräglig för de jag lever med att det är som ett iscensättande av det jag skriver om. 22 more words

Notches In My Skin

She said,

Now there’s mountains in my way,
barefoot in the rain, and all I want to do as
a river, wandering wherever it breaks through, 376 more words


Three Month Lessons

It has been just over three months since I started my bike tour. I learn something new every day but have found certain lessons to be particularly powerful throughout my ride. 779 more words


It Lingers

Ok, hand on your hip, that slight smile on your lip, those low slung jeans, leather belt, white shirt, enough to make me slip..into a walk, away, so you can watch me sway, hand in my back I can feel my body melt from the inside out, but the beauty in it is that you can’t see, May I, with that wet pout, slipping sweets down my throat, taking my coat, that look never left your face, as you saw just what I wanted to show, fire on the inside, outside just an, I Know, fingers sliding up the inside of my leg, my raised eyebrows as you beg, you don’t play fair, you just play, long enough to just take, you knew my thoughts, Go Ahead, I feel it all when a spirit quivers, when the fire turns to shivers, born takers and givers, one to rip you open, one to deliver, and you ask yourself, Can You, forgive her, face down snapping your fingers, eye to eye the truth will spill, she can’t hold back, It Lingers