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Fence Art

Last year’s greenbrier left its own art.


Had to take a break...

Alright, guys, I suppose I owe you an apology. I’ve been quiet these last few weeks because my ability to concentrate on one thing for more than 10 minutes at a time has been vanishing recently. 300 more words

Beautiful Spring Weather helps with outdoor projects!!

We were able to complete two projects in the past week, due to beautiful sunny weather in Beaverton.  One was a backyard deck and another a reconstructed fence. 101 more words

New Construction

Kentucky: Horse Capital of the World

I have been in this fine state for a number of hours now, and I am wondering: how many miles of post-and-rail fencing actually exist in Kentucky?

Bucket List Holiday - USA & Canada 2014

Good Fences...


This is going to be short and sharp. Here we go.

I once heard a cute line from a movie (or was it a sitcom? 293 more words


Endless Thoughts on How to Choose the Right Fence

One who is interested in installing a fence to his property considers a lot of thing. On top of anything, he asks himself this question: how to choose the right fence? 486 more words

Chain Link Fences

The Dangers of Fence Jumping

A few months ago I got a Roku box, and it has really widened my awareness of quality movies and television. I have discovered several entertaining series, and have taken to evangelizing them to friends, many of whom, for whatever reason, seem to distrust my insistence that they watch and love the same things I do. 713 more words