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A sturdy fence in London, UK

London, UK, images, fences, gates, Houses of Parliament, Parliamentary Estate, high security, sturdy, black, wood 6 more words


A Poem About Susan.


Susan looked over her fence,

The fence looked over Susan.

Susan says ‘fence; say, can I lend 10 pence?’

The fence frowned ‘okay Susan but don’t get drowned!’ 182 more words


"Momentarily tied up in London, UK"

London, UK, images, time, season, January, places, sights, can’t get away, order, tidy, organised, wire, support, trellis 6 more words


In My Own Back Yard

On another beautiful day, I attempted to stay indoors to rest my leg. By late afternoon I had succumbed to temptation and took a gentle amble around the garden and the Royal OakĀ car park. 182 more words

Sightseeing in London, UK: Westminster Abbey

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Big Ben before high noon in London, UK

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