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My Top 5 #1

For me, gratitude really is the key to wellbeing. Being thankful reminds me of the many wonderful things I already have and stops me thinking “I’ll be happy when…” This week I am grateful for so MANY things. 328 more words

Bruno Mars

Fences and Fans

Near Pincher Creek in Alberta.  An expanse of fences, a railway track and along the ridge a huge group of wind turbines!

It’s Good Fences day.   22 more words


Tunes for Your Earholes | Little Daylight, X Ambassadors, Fences

So, it has been quite a while since I talked about the music that was taking over my life. A few weeks ago, I asked some folks on social media to give me ONE song that they would add to their Summer 2014 playlist. 79 more words


Good Fences 22

Look up. Look all around. I’m seeing stars lately.

On a clear night, if we look up into the night sky, we see stars. During the day if we look all around we see stars, too. 42 more words

The Country

Good Fences

He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbors’.
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in his head: 76 more words

Daily Devotion


I spent last week at 3000Grad Festival/ Germany.

Painted on plastic cover on fences, whole 12 meter.

Freestyle about my festival impressions.

It took me 2 whole days, incredible amount of acrylics. 62 more words


WHY ISN’T EVERYONE OBSESSED WITH FENCES YET?! I’ve been listening to this on repeat while sewing this god damn Lady Sif cape by hand. UGH, MONDAYS. 10 more words