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Why the following two programs yield different outputs? (C++, bit operation, VS 2012)

Program 1:

int x = 4 ^ (4>>32);
cout << x << endl;

Output is 4

Program 2:

int x = 4;
int y = x ^ (x>>32);
cout << y << endl;
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Inspiration and my Influences

As a young artist, I’m constantly seeing and finding new art and artists which inspire me. Whenever I see a piece which visually strikes me or grabs my attention for a long time, I usually end up getting on Google and entering the artists name straight away to find more work of his/hers. 178 more words


Feng Shui Ideas For A Productive Home Office

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to interior design is crafting a home office that is aesthetic, productive and free of distractions. 23 more words

Feng Shui Colours for the Bedroom

In terms of creating balance and harmony for a bedroom, a separate feng shui colour diagram known as the map bagua can be used to not only determine where each element resides, but also add the feng shui colour symbolism of each corner in that space.

Energy feng shui painting

“Energy and persistence conquer all things. ” Benjamin Franklin

Painting feng shui is called “Energy”. Flower is symbolize people, there is 3d CAD model with various techniques, which I developed. 56 more words


dan cong feng huang tea

had this tea today and it was real peachy

with a spinich  juice feel.

it was about five steeps and it was able

to go between twenty seconds  and stay so fresh… 80 more words


Financial Executive Networking Group

El día de ayer tuvimos la sexta reunión del The Financial Executive Networking Group (FENG), el cual reúne a prestigiados Ejecutivos relacionados con las Finanzas de las Empresas y otras Organizaciones, a Directores Generales y Empresarios. 64 more words