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Keksy Returns

Back from Russia to be among the Brum furs again, awesome :D


Freaking Out (About Foxes On Friday)

In all honesty, I am feeling slightly apprehensive.

Scratch that. My heart is bruising my ribs, I can’t seem to breathe deeply enough, and the room sort of spins when I stand up. 267 more words


Real Life Animals Vs. Movie Characters

1. Fennec fox  Vs  Gizmo from Gremlins

2. Baby deer and Skunk  Vs  Bambi and Flower

3. Giant Anteater  Vs  ET from ET: The Extra Terrestrial (1982) 20 more words

Baby Deer And Skunk

Foxes On Friday: How Many Fridays Has It Been?

26. This is the twenty-sixth FOF post. Hooray!

With Complements Of…

Once again, Not A Punk Rocker came through with a link that is oh-so-worth the click. 64 more words


Foxes On Friday: Pudding?

With Contributions From…

Anyes – Far Away In The Sunshine


In England, there is a wild-born fox who was abandoned by her mother and picked up by a fox rescue team. 44 more words