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Thank God It's Fox Friday!


The wonderful Not A Punk Rocker sent me this positively adorable picture! 


Staten Island Zoo - Summer

Another terrific, fun visit to the Staten Island Zoo. This gem of a zoo gets better with each passing week. Thanks again to General Curator and Vet, … 53 more words


Fabulous Foxes on Friday the Fourth

They look so happy today! What’s something that made you smile this week, friend?


Ice Cream Woes

From this challenge thing on Tumblr where we had to draw a character with a limited color palette. I got requested to draw my character, Mitzi, which I was more than happy to do, haha. 13 more words

Canine Family

I’ve been experimenting with stylization lately and it’s a lot of fun. And who doesn’t love dogs? They come in so many shapes and sizes.. 11 more words