The Meaning of the Binding of Fenrir

I had cause, just yesterday, to discuss the meaning of Fenrir’s binding with a friend and then another sent me this:


It is a detailed examination of the mythology of wolves and unfettered hunger in the myth of Fenrir that also ties to the berserks and the social order.  126 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Second thoughts on romances

So I’ve gotten to play a lot (relatively speaking given I have just about finished my first full tour of Skyhold) more since my brother and I first discovered the available romance choices. 546 more words

Dragon Age Inquisition

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 11/24/14

Are we all still rolling from the Dragon Age: Inquisition release?  Yeah, we’re all still rolling.  My Facebook feed is full of fantastic forays into the ferocious fray (F alliteration, what what), so I think some more DA cosplay is in order, and why not another white-haired pretty boy, Fenris?


AMV Roundup! Dragon Age 2- Forever Not Yours

Well, who knew A-Ha had other music aside from Take On Me? ; ) I mean, we all knew they had other stuff, but more specifically, who’s listened to it? 91 more words