Time of the wolf

Before the dreaming of the coming of

the time of the wolf    this was an untime

The gulf gaped

Grass grew nowhere

An ash tree grew   its roots and… 413 more words


Warriors and Soldiers: The Binding of Fenris

        As a Heathen, and a soldier, I came to know and embrace the lore in a way different from those who have not followed the profession of arms.  1,981 more words

AMV Roundup! Dragon Age 2- Love the Way You Lie

This video introduced me to the awesomeness known as modding. Apparently with Dragon Age, there’s a toolkit that you can use to manipulate stuff like clothes/scenes. 58 more words


Father of the Wolf

It’s always fun to see folk metal groups put in a bit of effort into their videos! Here’s one from Amon Amarth. : )

Loki is the father of many creatures, Fenrir/Fenris, the great wolf, is among them. 16 more words

Fenris Devouring the Sun, the rebirth of an old monoprint

I mentioned in “The Many Faces of Daedalus” how I liked to re-examine or even re-use old art to try and perfect an idea or turn it into something new entirely. 279 more words

Old Art

Book Review: Sisters Red

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is a modern story loosely based on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a vengeful huntress, her unsure sister, a handsome woodsman, and pitiless werewolves. 555 more words