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Fundraiser: Whiskers the Cat Needs an Amputation

Hello, fellow bloggers and followers!

If you have been following along, you are privy to the plight of Whiskers – the feral kitten turned house pet. 66 more words


No FIFA: What to do?

Well I’m not certain Dog Fude, our 20+ year old outdoor cat would agree, but it seemed a good day to give him a bath. 88 more words


My face when... (fill in the blank)

 Hello my lovely people :D

  Meet Sicilian, a very cool feral cat that decided he wanted to be our friend. He’s been roaming around our house for more than 2 years now and he always wants to be petted. 68 more words


Fairground Cat

This female feral cat lives in a fairground in Southwest Ohio. Many cats in the colony have been trapped, neutered and released. Unfortunately, some of the colony cats have suddenly disappeared, leaving the colony caretaker to suspect foul play.


The Hobbes Experiment: The Final Chapter

After just four weeks, the Hobbes Experiment is over and the results are in. Hobbes, a feral cat who was wandering the streets of Bridgeport last month, has found a home.



We are visiting family, expats that now reside in a beautiful little place called Bazaiges. It’s a tiny village or commune with only about 200 people living there. 260 more words

Penguins Week By Week Countdown


by Madeline Laughs

At the last count, our household now supports several cats with all weather housing, doctor’s appointments, food, clean, drinkable water, flea and worm removal, love,love,love and potty box cleaning. 1,176 more words

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