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Biodiversity challenge - Xantus's murrelet

Premature evacuation

Murrelet chicks can
Check out of their nest
At the drop of a hat
(Seawater babies).

After a quick scan
For unwelcome guests;

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Cat's Eye

This is Syd, my cat. I’ve had her since she was two weeks old. Alas, she doesn’t really know how to be a cat…so when a stray adopted our family, Syd would peer out the screen door at it. 9 more words

Media round up on feral cats

Over the past week or two there’s been a lot of media and opinion pieces about the impacts and management of feral cats in Australia. A couple of papers have been published too. 270 more words

Twitchy News

The latest development in Twitchville:

She dances figure eights around my ankles shouting, “Twitchy up! Twitchy up!” So I pick her up. She presses her warm, soft body against my chest, sometimes rubs the back of her head on my neck or turns to look at me and we touch noses. 38 more words


ABC Mornings: Push for Tassie Devils' return to mainland Australia

The Victorian Government is considering reintroducing Tasmanian Devils to Wilsons Promontory National Park, in part to help control fox and feral cat numbers. I spoke to the ABC’s Jonathan Kendall about the evidence. 12 more words


Top dogs: Australian predators can provide 24-7 feral cat control

Feral cats are devastating our wildlife, so we need a long-term, sustainable solution. This is where Australia’s natural predators come in.

A few moments on theĀ  899 more words


How many native animals do feral cats eat? Can dingoes be the solution?

Australia has an estimated 15 million feral cats that each kill around 5 native animals per night. So 75 million of our precious native creatures are being killed every night. 54 more words