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Hunters help farmers with feral hogs in Georgia

In Southeast Farm Press

Wild hogs. Feral pigs. No matter the term, hogs can be a big problem, especially for landowners who depend on their property to supply crops that provide for their livelihood. 81 more words


Feral hogs are running rampant in Oklahoma

Feral hogs have made their home in Oklahoma, and farmers and ranchers have the damage on their property to prove it.

Check out the stories in… 7 more words


Shoot to kill: Wild boars are back in Eastern Ontario

Killer bees. Wild (and sex-crazed) turkeys. And now, Eastern Ontario’s latest danger: wild boars.

Should you cross paths with one of the fierce feral hogs that have been sighted east of Ottawa and are thought to have escaped from a game farm, Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry recommends that you shoot to kill. 746 more words

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Republicans Are Still Out To Lunch

Obama will hear from my lawyer…just as soon as I’m done free-loading here.

When it comes to taking definitive and strong actions against the President’s violations of the Constitution, and his multiple violations of the rule of law, the Republicans have been unable to launch any kind of serious push back or neutralizing efforts because they are still out to lunch. 664 more words

Strays. Thoughtful ones at least.

Is it a virus? Genetic? Addiction? Face it. I have a problem with strays: animals, people, notions, weird facts.

It’s just impossible not to see those pathetic faces – desperate postures. 989 more words


Wide Open Spaces

WideOpenSpaces.com Tells Folks How to Donate

It’s so exciting to see publications as well as the online community support Wild Game Food Bank! Will Palmer with… 87 more words