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Wild pigs cause more damage than torn fields

David Bennett from Delta Farm Press talks to John “Jack” Mayer, manager of environmental sciences at Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina, about the ever-evolving problem of wild pigs. 125 more words


Texas officials discuss control for feral swine

From Southwest Farm Press

When Chris Columbus loaded up a dozen swine to make the trip across the Atlantic to the New World for the first time in 1492, little did he know it marked the beginning of what would eventually become a war on wild hogs by the time the 21st century dawned. 159 more words


A Typical Florida Solution

A Florida Feral Hog or Wild Pig
Picture credit: US Fish and Wildlife

As you know we have only been here in Florida for about ten years. 572 more words


Hunters help farmers with feral hogs in Georgia

In Southeast Farm Press

Wild hogs. Feral pigs. No matter the term, hogs can be a big problem, especially for landowners who depend on their property to supply crops that provide for their livelihood. 81 more words


Feral hogs are running rampant in Oklahoma

Feral hogs have made their home in Oklahoma, and farmers and ranchers have the damage on their property to prove it.

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