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among the wild is one domestic

The Feral Cat
Carolyn captured a feral kitten she’s calling Feisty. The white cat was small but wild; with patience and know-how Carolyn helped the kitty become healthy and now it’s learning trust. 482 more words


A video of my sweet kitty

I often have people ask me where to find a good cat. They then inform me they don’t want a “feral” cat. It’s true some “feral” cats are indeed feral, they don’t want to be inside or touched or hang out with you. 157 more words


What makes indoor cats go rogue?

The other day, a friends of mine, through a course of unfortunate events that unbeknownst to them, left their door able to be pushed open if the bolt wasn’t locked. 521 more words


Trust But Verify 8

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I strolled through the neighborhood, looking at the Halloween decorations. It was the day after the holiday, and some homes were bare, but many of them still sported something: bats, ghosts, pumpkins…whatever. 5,629 more words


Feral: Part Two

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There was a certain smell in funeral homes, a cloying mix of flowers and old lady perfume. Lily felt her allergies welling up, causing her eyes to water. 1,434 more words


Feral (Underbelly @ EdFringe)

Written for A Younger Theatre

Feral exhibits extraordinary puppetry and multimedia techniques. It’s skilful and very impressive, but lacks the human touch that would make it a really satisfying theatrical experience. 350 more words