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Week Thirteen: When you realize you are in Australia to study...

This week I handed in three assignments on Monday and gave a group presentation on Tuesday. PRAISE THE LORD MOST OF MY ASSIGNMENTS ARE DONE WITH. 140 more words


Kittens inspired by kittens (The time I almost got abducted)

If you don’t get the title reference, it is from a youtube video Kittens inspired by kittens. (Watch it here). I found it extraordinarily funny, but it may be just me. 499 more words


Konservasi dan Ekologi Molekuler

Hanya sekedar ingin sharing. Bukan bermaksud lebih tahu masalah konservasi. Bukan. Bukan maksud menggurui. Tidak ada niat sama sekali. Kami hanya ingin membagi cerita ini yang menurut kami hal ini menarik untuk dibahas. 479 more words


Feral Cat Device

For some years I have been discussing ideas for a remote ‘feral cat device’ with Dr John Read, University of Adelaide. John was granted funding for development of a prototype and now trials have been made which look encouraging. 89 more words


If At First You Don't Succeed 8

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“The way I figure it, our next move has to be gathering information,” Mary said. “The things I’m allowed to access are limited, but within those limits I can do a lot. 4,301 more words



What does it take to live in the moment?
Impassioned embrace of mystery
Components imbued of fire true
Trials of dancing into
Blue peace magnificence



Week Twelve: Feral. The Birthday Version.

My friend Meadow overuses the word feral. But to be quite honest sometimes it is the only way to describe things that happen to her. Besides her birthday this week, we really didn’t have anything going on. 107 more words