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PHOTOS: Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, and Feral

Let there be light.

For obvious reasons, Geno’s Rock Club is our favorite spot in Portland.

Geno’s hosts the shows that are dearest to our blackened hearts, and it’s an inexpensive, come-as-you-are holdout in a city that has increasingly become highfalutin and/or downright shitty.  169 more words


Parents and their feral offspring

It’s always good to see children at nature reserves taking an interest in the wildlife but those who think of it as a place to run around like demented lunatics shouting at the top of their voice, we can all do without you. 90 more words


A family affair tonight at Geno's with Falls of Rauros, Feral, and Obsidian Tongue

Never mind the white stuff falling from the sky.

Tonight, Portland maintains its heart of blackness when Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, and Feral take the stage at Geno’s. 349 more words


The love for a Black and white Kitten

Hiya Guys!

As i was sitting on my verandah this morning, waiting for my phone to ring for an interview promoting #BackToBacharach (That got moved to a later date) … 2,068 more words

Casey Donovan

Making sense of who we are?

The psychology of self.

One of the huge differences between humans and our beloved dogs is that dogs live entirely in the present and do not engage in abstract thinking. 1,396 more words


Slow and Steady 4

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Bloodhound was working with Raquel and Feral, but he’d brought company just like the last time we met planning to learn from him. 4,817 more words