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Love Patagonia Chile: a virtual guidebook full of experiences and emotions

The wonderful nature of Chilean Patagonia and every corner of this beautiful place dazzles residents and tourists. In 1520 when don Ferdinand Magellan was exploring the southern of Chile, saw some giant Indians who averaged a height of 1.80 meter. 638 more words

Lila Sublime


Pandesal is my Hero, it always save my day! Onboard it is the easiest and fastest Filipino bread to make. At home it is always available in every bakery. 982 more words


Limasawa Island: An Outsider's Guide to Paradise

I have been to Limasawa Island this weekend and the decision to explore the entire island on foot was a great one. Through running, I was able to witness first-hand  the island life out there. 1,411 more words