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Ayn Rand as a Ferengi

Hm, let’s see. Are there any Star Trek fans who like (making fun of) Objectivism?


Digital Painting

Big Sherlock Trek


Who are you?

After an hour of Yoga and a meditating nap I have decided I can not choose just one favourite tv-show. In the spirit of my favourite Star Trek spoof Free Enterprise I decide to play all roles like Shatner in the Caesar musical. 108 more words

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - House of Quark (Review)

The September and October, we’re taking a look at the jam-packed 1994 to 1995 season of Star Trek, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… 3,962 more words

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Ferengi fantasies

Golden Latinum

En mass with soft Earmassages

Nagus satisfied

I am a big Star Trek Fan. To clarify for non Star Trek Fans: Latinum is a currency in the science fiction universe of Star Trek (you might know Captain Kirk or Mr Spock or Captain Picard); the Great Nagus is the highest in Ferengi culture; Ferengi are charming aliens doing a lot of trade, valuing Latinum very high, traditionaly their females are naked and Ferengi like it erotically a lot when their ears are massaged.

Lost and Found Episodes: Pint-sized Picard

Once in a blue moon TV gives you a very sweet surprise experience. Tooling about the channels when nothings on you see an old show you love and think yeah that’ll do – and it’s an episode you’ve never seen before. 330 more words


Top 5 Star Trek Aliens

This week we decided to turn to the alien races from Star Trek as the subject of our weekly Top Five list. We looked at some of the key alien species from each of the shows and thought about the development of their cultures, the way they were used in stories and the make-up and costuming they were given. 521 more words

Star Trek

S01E09 The Battle

Grant and Rob talk about the Ferengi episode in which Patrick Stewart puts in a great performance, as a Picard trapped in the past. There’s also the Picard Manoeuvre – which has some interesting potential consequences. 99 more words

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