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I just finished watching the entire series of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  It was wonderful.  I’ve been a Trek fan as long as I can remember.  624 more words


the banality of greed

so i have fallen off the blogging bandwagon again. this is partly because i’ve had enough of the screen, day in and day out, writing, editing, re-writing, crying into cup of instant soup, editing again. 753 more words

Academic Stuff

S01E05 The Last Outpost

Grant and Rob discuss The Last Outpost, our first encounter with the Ferengi – a new Star Trek race of ‘yankee traders’ that the Federation have never met before. 122 more words

Season 1

ST: DS9: Season 6, Ep. 23: "Profit and Lace"

Capt. Jonathan:  Stardate:    Yes, it was TREK’s TOOTSIE.  The SOME LIKE IT HOT of the stars.  “Profit and Lace.”  The DS9 episode where Quark gets a sex change to seduce a Ferengi businessman (owner of the Slug-o-Cola empire) into supporting Recently Deposed Grand Nagus… 983 more words

ST: TNG: Season 1, Ep. 9: "The Battle"

Capt. Jonathan:  Stardate:  Yep, an early Ferengi episode.  And maybe one of their best?  “The Battle” is basically Picard’s Wrath of Khan, but with less-cool facial expressions.  

Flying as a Ferengi

I mentioned last week, (Risian Luxury Test Drive) that I wanted to start a Ferengi toon to play so I can fly that Luxury Cruiser. What a great profit opportunity.   978 more words

STO Toons