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.ginger bug

I am still mainly focused on my fermented projects right now; specifically, ginger beer.  I stopped drinking soda years ago, though I indulge in a cola when I’m driving cross-country.   559 more words

The dark chocolate truth

There is nothing better than having a treat at the end of a long day and knowing it’s actually good for you. Much to my delight, dark chocolate, those kinds with at least 70% cacao, does that. 529 more words

Learning to Make Kombucha Pt. 2

Now that Suzie is safely at home we can return to our regularly scheduled programming! The Kombucha area of my living room has turned into a small factory. 849 more words


Pears for the pressing!

I find it quite fitting that the first project to be documented on our new blog is about the humble beginnings of a fruit press since we are publishing on Word… 726 more words

Beer Making

.fermented salsa

One thing I love about fermentation is that you do not need to follow a recipe exactly to achieve amazing results.  The simplicity of fermentation really allows for one to be creative; for most recipes, just add salt or a culture starter of some sort to activate the fermentation process.   512 more words

Sauerkraut is Ready! Let's Cook Some Brats!

I started my batch of homemade sauerkraut on September 18th and today is November 2nd. That’s makes right at about 6 weeks. I opened the fermentation bucket and, with a sanitized spoon, I removed the plate that was keeping everything weighted down and removed a sample. 477 more words


Someday I’ll write an essay about why I dig so much. The main reason is that it is so good for the tilth of the clay soil here. 51 more words