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Fermented Foods

Amidst the season of university assignments, I tend to find new and interesting ways to procrastinate. Or procrastibake (cue, chocolate chip cookies – comfort snacks to get me through the pain of assignments). 446 more words


How to Make Kombucha - at Home!

About a month ago, I jumped on the fermented foods and probiotics bandwagon. After reading about the benefits of fermented foods and how tasty they were, I was eager and excited to try as many new foods as possible. 598 more words


Coconut Yogurt

Today, I felt like making something sweet and refreshing because this is the first afternoon that I have felt the sun and warmth on my face in seven gruelling months. 224 more words


Pale Blue Skins

Our feet slapped cold stone after rough docks,
as we raced up narrow steps to grass crested
hills. Past puffed sheep and feathered hooves
down dusted paths to white cottage fair. 354 more words

Baking and sourdough

Baking with yeast

I usually bake with yeast I had bought a load and wanted to get some bread made before freezing it, so I made a foccacia and some ordinary mixed flour bread, which is now stashed in the freezer, along with my yeast in 5 gram portions! 150 more words

St Stefanus Blonde Abbey Beer

Its Friday. So Celebrate! Pick up something special on the way home from work like the St Stefanus Blonde. A Belgian Abbey beer brewed in the historic Van Steenberge Brewery  that uses the original Jerumanus yeast strain from the Sint Stefanus Monastery itself that has brewing roots as far back as 1295. 99 more words


味噌 / Miso

味噌 / Miso, which is a fermented soy bean paste, is a healthy, traditional Japanese food seasoning, and we just made our yearly batch. Fermented soy bean paste doesn’t sound too appealing but trust me, it tastes a lot better than it sounds. 309 more words