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First post! Much wow!

I hope this blog can be a place where I can express myself (read:rant) and let the world know all about my adventures. Because really, the world should be made aware of  my failings at trying to ferment various vegetables and other kitchen activities. 163 more words



Fermentation is a technique which dates back to Neolithic age in 7000-6000 BC. Fermentation is a metabolic activity in which sugars are converted to gas or acid by micro organisms like bacteria, fungus etc. 2,452 more words


water kefir

Ok yes this is a little weird and strange but…ever the brewing household we were intrigued by these little clear ‘grains’ that make a non-alcoholic fermented fizzy drink so we decided to give this brew a go. 553 more words


Home Brewing Kombucha, you SHOULD DO IT!

UPDATE – July 22, 2014, shown in blue

I’ve been homebrewing kombucha now for around a month and thought I would give a run down on how it’s going and what I’ve learned as the Brewmaster.  1,769 more words

Going Dad’s Top Ten Pinterest Picks (8): Foodie Fermentation

Fermented foods offer a host of benefits including blood sugar stabilization, aiding in digestion, and high in several B vitamins. But, go to any store to pick up a jar of kimchi, and you’ll see most store-bought fermented foods are not cheap! 675 more words


Sauerkraut Results!

Soooooo….the whole sauerkraut thing. It went splendidly up until life became relatively difficult and hectic. If you recall, I was supposed to check the jar on Friday night to give it a taste test to see if it was ready. 494 more words