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DAY 2: PARIS~ Dreams truly do come true.

BONJOUR mademoiselles!

By this time, superwoman has just arrived from a lovely trip to Rome and Greece (both will be tackled in two separate blogs soon.) After a 7 hour flight from Greece, we arrive late evening once again in magical Paris. 2,470 more words


What to do in Goa ;)

(Sharing my post from Goatrips.com)


The spark of Goa lies in its late night club and beach parties. This is one of the states of India which never sleeps and indeed comes alive at night. 222 more words


 Fernweh: Farsickness

As a child of immigration, airplanes fill some of my earliest memories. I remember watching 101 Dalmatians on the large airplane screen, the new etch-a-sketch my mom had brought to distract us, and Toblerone chocolate as we break through the clouds in Chicago. 195 more words

#hap2014 - 258 - Es Ist Still Auf Dem Rastplatz Krachgarten (by Gisbert zu Knyphausen)

By far…. say by FAR the shittiest pseudonym I can think of for a singer/songwriter. In fact so bad that even Thees Uhlmann and folks rejected to listen to his demo tape. 118 more words


Tourists vs. Travellers

I’m a frequent user of Pinterest – I love sourcing travel images and stumbling across new and interesting things – and I’ve recently come across these slightly condescending (but increasingly popular) quotes: 447 more words


Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons

my latest Abstract Digital Art

Prints, Posters and Cards available, also on various products. Pls check out “my other links” for more info. thanks :)