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Endlich ein Abschluss... oder ein Neuanfang?

Ziemlich genau fünf Monate ist es her, seit ich von meiner unvergesslichen Reise zurückgekehrt bin. Sehr viel ist seither passiert, vieles hat sich geändert, nur eines nicht: Das Verlangen, wieder auf Reisen zu gehen. 385 more words

A longing for the faraway

Sometimes, words let you say things more accurately in one language than in another. An example of this is the German word for wanderlust: Fernweh… 667 more words


This Weeks Great Travel Deals

Hey Flashpackers! If you missed last weeks great travel deal to Hong Kong well, I have some great news: there is another one! Hurry up and book because it won’t last long. 58 more words


Lifelong adventure

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

This is a quote I live my life by. This is a quote I hope to one day fulfill. 356 more words

Wishlist: Places to Visit in Canada

There are many great countries around the world, but depending on who you ask, none can beat the great north. At a land mass of 9.98 million km² and a population of 35 million, Canada is the world’s second largest country. 686 more words


Fernweh: Chapter 1(Rough)

Chapter 1

“You know those days where even though you’re wide awake, you feel like you’re still dreaming? Yeah, that’s every day for me. Every damn day for the past two months.” I tried to compose the edge in my voice as I readjusted in the old leather chair. 5,638 more words


Fernweh: Prologue (Rough)


The trolley strolled down the streets of Janin in the early morning. A forty-five minute commute from the Ousem Flats in the Autumn District where my small one bedroom, one bath sat to the Spring District where my therapist was located. 729 more words