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Even More Ferry Tales

The Diary has learned via our friend Henry Fuller that the ferry had to go south to avoid paying taxes here in Nova Scotia.

It would seem this would serve as an intelligence test. 127 more words

More Ferry Tales

ore embarrassmentSURPRISE 

It will cost 2.5 million to take the Nova Star south to South Carolina where the water in the ship’s pipes won’t freeze. 671 more words

Ferry Tales

 I feel sorry for the newspapers when the only news they get to report is one-sided propaganda from vested interests. 

The latest ferry leakage illustrates how government will put a positive  spin on everything they do (for them anyway). 776 more words

Economic Development

A lesson from the past

Complaining about public transport is quite often a commuter’s past time. It whiles away the minutes spent waiting on train and bus platforms. Sydney trains always run late, the London tube is over crowded, Melbourne trams don’t cover a wide enough area. 497 more words