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First season no-till veggie gardening...

So, it is late winter, or early spring, and if you’ve read all my earlier posts (see the drop down menu above) you have a new no-till bed forming out back. 2,520 more words


Empathy vs Sympathy

So what exactly is empathy?

I was reminded of a video called “The Power of Empathy” by Dr. Brené Brown that I’d like to share with all of you. 72 more words


Some things that suck when you're an infertile woman

1. That conversation when you meet new people —
“So do you have kids?”
“My reproductive organs are ineffective.”

2. When people say stuff around you like: “Oh having kids is just the best thing ever.” “My life just wasn’t complete until we had a baby.” “The greatest thing I’ve done with my life is have children.” Awks. 286 more words


Phalliclore, Part 3: Roman Rods

Last time on Phalliclore, we explored the dicks fertility gods of Greece (who were mostly dicks). Now we begin our tallywacker trip around the world, and we’ll be meeting all sorts of interesting deities and their dongs. 1,214 more words


Phalliclore, Part 2: Other Greek Groins

Last time on Phalliclore, we tackled the two most virile Olympians, Hermes and Dionysus. Today, we have two other Grecian gods of fertility–these two rather more comical. 1,544 more words


DC is Top Area for Egg Freezing & I am on NBC 4!

If you saw the NBC 4 Egg Freezing Report, thank you for stopping by! I am grateful for this experience to talk about my decision.  Egg Freezing is an important subject to talk about. 70 more words


We are here

A lot has changed in our lives in the last couple of years. We have had the highest of highs with the birth of our first baby (who will be 2 in March! 545 more words