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Monday Musing

When you are having a hard time with something, or wish you didn’t have to do something it can be very easy to get stuck in all the obstacles you see in front of you! 149 more words


Two lesbians making a baby - IUI

My partner and I have been together for 7 years and have decided it’s time to become mommies.  So what do we do?

We become experts (it’s a relative term) on artificial insemination by way of the internet.   382 more words


OPK frustration

Well, this morning when I checked my bbt, my temp dropped drastically- which I thought was a sign of ovulation! But just a few minutes ago after taking an opk, it was negative. 127 more words


That girl

I’ll start with the headliner – I’m 6 weeks pregnant. If you want to skip this post, go ahead…been there many times.

For those of that are ok to read about it, this is the story of how I found out I’m… 1,049 more words


Jumping on the band wagon


In the past few days I’ve read several ttc blogs talking about the benefits of eating pineapple cores. Well the benefits weren’t really discussed, but several women commented on how they will be chomping down on a pineapple core this month, and it pricked my intrigue, so I decided to consult Dr Google.  235 more words

My Uterus Is Now a Perfect Cave

In 2013 I lost both my Fallopian tubes. Along with a piece of my heart they were the fall out from our pregnancy losses. For two tiny parts of my anatomy that were no thicker than a strand of hair the impact of their loss was enormous. 600 more words


Procreation (and demolition)

It took me a long while to realise where the anger came from. The low-level feeling of injustice, of being short-changed.

Because, the reality is, I was never one of those people who just *wanted* children. 278 more words