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What is Fertilizer?

Ask yourself: what does a plant need to survive? Odds are that you listed: sunlight, air, water, soil… but did you also list macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements? 670 more words

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Fall Lawncare

As we draw closer to fall, we can start to prepare our lawns for winter. I wanted to take time, this week, to cover all of those items on your fall lawncare “to do” list. 554 more words

Plant Management

Save our water supply, beware of phosphorus

Earlier this summer, residents in Toledo, Ohio and southern Michigan were given the shocking news that their tap water was dangerous– ‘do not drink, do not touch, do not boil,’ is what they were told. 728 more words


Better Analytics Means Better Farming

A recent article in the Perham Focus (Perham MN) talks about the challenges to stay in the black on the farm year after year.  Commodity prices are out of their control, along with the weather, but attempts can be made with improvements in GIS, Geomatics, and Meteorology to reduce costs for farmers. 177 more words


How to repair dead grass

A patch of dead grass on an otherwise lush lawn can be a frustrating eyesore for homeowners. Whether lawn care is your passion or just something you do to maintain the value of your home, dead grass can be exasperating. 644 more words

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Impacts of climate change on agriculture (crop yields) -

The maps give indications of the general spatial pattern of changes in agriculture yields across Europe. Results for two different global circulation models are presented. 197 more words



How fortunate it is
To tread on soil
Across distant lands
And track dirt
Wherever you go
To mix together
Into one Earth