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Cut Steak in Agazzi


This has always been one of our favorites to go to.  The first year that we went, we were seated in an airless courtyard under a hot sun.  Not pleasant but the food was good.  While there, we saw folks sitting on a rooftop terrace enjoying the same meal.  It turns out that you have to reserve for a terrace table so for the next few years we did.  Assorted folks and guests would join us and we all had a big time there for a number of years.  One of the organizers took us under his wing and would take our guests on tours of the ‘workings’ of the festa.  Proudly showing off the Americans.  We were always treated well.  … 390 more words

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Sagra and Festa Posters

So many going on now.  And so much rain that might be cutting into attendance. 



Pigeon!   But it is only served 2 nights.  The usual festa food the other nights. 26 more words

Copyright 2008-2014, Martha Taccarino, Friends And Family In Italy

The local polenta.

This week was the local festa in my tiny home town, Bruntino. As the strange girl that sometimes speaks English, I played my role as the foreigner, using the opportunity to take photos as one of my neighbours stirred the Polenta (a cheeky 100litres) with a large spoon that resembled a rowers oar, in an old copper pot. 88 more words


Bar retrô- Lagoa da Conceição

Boa noite gente!

Hoje vim indicar um bar que fomos no final de semana e eu AMEI! Uma porque o bar é estilo anos 50, com Pin-up nas paredes, chão quadriculado, iluminação meio retrô, música ao vivo etc etc e outra porque o atendimento foi ótimo! 99 more words


Os melhores looks da festa da novela Império

No sábado, 19, os atores da nova novela das 21h da Rede Globo, Império, se reuniram para a festa de lançamento! A novela estreia hoje, e pelos looks da festa, a novela promete!!! 32 more words


Giorno 13: la sagra di paese.

La sagra di paese.

Com’è bello veder ei nostri paesi montani felici e sorridenti, quando c’è il sole… quando ci sono manifestazioni di ogni sorta e la gente decide dove andare… 244 more words