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FYF Fest 2014: From Worst to Best

If you read Twitter or some of the more surly reviews of 2014’s FYF Fest, you might think it was a festival run in hell, operated by Satan, where attendees were denied water, food, chances to hear the music they wanted, and forced to walk miles between stages. 3,020 more words

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AfroPunk Festival 2014: Top 5 Sets + Photos

Rebellion is part of the black identity in American society. So is the punk culture, which means a Brooklyn festival named AfroPunk should see a number of raised fists and diatribes against The Man. 1,540 more words

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#handdrawninterview with Reg Vermue on DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MY FUCKING SELF?

On Friday I had a chance to sit down with Reg Vermue AKA Regina the Gentlelady, the face of Light Fires- to talk about upcoming show… 1,283 more words

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#Iwanttodrawyourband does TWO BRENDANS & FAILURE FEST at SummerWorks

here are a list of my failings in no particular order:

All things money related are basically a total mystery to me.

I am almost always late. 789 more words

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#Iwanttodrawyourband Sappyfest Pics Part 1

So as you may already know, Ehab & I spent the better part of last week at Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick. And driving to Sackville. 179 more words

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SummerWorks kicks off Music Series

Here’s one to consider for those of you who are also doing the summer music festival circuit. If you’re a dedicated music scenester like myself, one place you may never have considered looking for music listings is inside one of the city’s annual theatre festivals. 294 more words

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Pickathon 2014: Top 12 Sets + Photos

Photography by Nina Corcoran.

I’ve never been one to believe in magic, but walking around Pendarvis Farm a few hours before Pickathon’s first act hit the stage, it was hard to believe I was still on Earth. 4,161 more words

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