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Emerging into Mexican Culture

This year my Easter celebration was completely different from the previous ones and it was also much longer. We left Tijuana on Wednesday night to go and visit Roberto’s family. 482 more words

Easter Simnel Cake Vegan & Gluten Free

So before the Easter brake is totally over here is an amazingly rich Gluten Free, Vegan celebration cake. Known as a Simnel cake it has something to do with the 11 true disciples of Christ. 161 more words


Chocolate and hazelnut easter friands

Hi everyone!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

I was cooking up a meal for ten over the Easter weekend. It was quite a feat to cook so many items for so many people but J and I managed to pull it off pretty successfully ( I must add!) I think we also made enough food to serve fifteen! 799 more words


Springtime teatime

Lambs are in the fields, and daffodils on the streets on Tooting. Spring is here.  Along with the showers, sunshine and flowers of March comes Mother’s day, closely followed by Easter (to be discussed separately). 814 more words




I would come over and tell you everything I am about to say. Really, I would. Only I can’t move because I am weighed down by the extraordinary number of chocolate Easter Eggs I consumed over the last two days.


Happy Easter Everyone! Had such a good time I wanted to post more than one picture!