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Alcohol And Other Drugs

I like the Special Olympics

I am Michael B. and I am not awake yet.  I didn’t go to bed until like midnight.  I was playing Madden13.  I have an Xbox 360.  396 more words

People with FASD by NOFAS Alcohol Free Pregnancy

“People with FASD”, a series by NOFAS from their YouTube channel Alcohol-Free Pregnancy. Watch 15 clips of people affected by FASD talking about their struggles in life because they were prenatal exposed to alcohol and how they deal with it. 15 more words


Featured Advocate: Lisa from Quirks and Chaos 10/14

Lisa: I became an advocate to help raise awareness for autism and for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Knowledge and education empowers people. When there is less fear of the unknown then there will be less bullying. 33 more words

Life with FASD - The need for life long help

Jade, a 17-years old young adult diagnosed with FASD, who lives in the UK and talks about her every day challenges. She has a very powerful message to share:


This Is Your Child's Brain on Alcohol

Social scientists have calculated that detrimental effects of alcohol cost the U.S. some $223.5 billion a year. We’re talking health issues such as liver disease, impaired driving, lost work due to hangovers, and emergency room visits. 1,272 more words

The Most Preventable Birth Defect is Costing All of Us Billions

Today, in honor of national Fetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness day, I’m going to tell you about my brother.

In 1999, after many failed attempts to have another child, my parents decided to adopt two toddlers from Russia. 905 more words