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This is just a random post. I have not blogged for days. Okay… I guess it’s over a week. Ronnie and I are great, life in Arizona is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier. 168 more words

Child Abuse

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Can fathers be blamed too?

I almost didn’t have a Research Tuesday post. I could come up with some pithy excuses, but they’d just be excuses…suffice it to say, there was nothing that really spoke to me that I’d read. 1,070 more words


Kick off for the Better Safe Than Sorry – Alcohol and Unprotected Sex Don’t Mix! Campaign at the Winston Churchill High School in Montgomery County, Maryland

We launched the Better Safe Than Sorry Project with a kickoff today at Churchill High School. Our project aims to empower young adults to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drug use, including it’s consequences. 542 more words


Dark Times (2006), edited by Ann Walsh

I once write a chapter for a book about Robert Cormier, an author well known for his starkly realist novels for young adults. Cormier explained his novels’ popularity by stating readers “say I tell it like it is. 688 more words

Able Readers

Living with FASD beyond the orphanage

This article was written by Katarina, a young women in her twenties who was diagnosed with FASD when she was already in her teens. Katarina was born in Russia and got adopted by an American family at the age of 11. 41 more words


4 families seek to confront, understand FASD - a touching documentary revealing the impact of FASD on a child

The last post was introducing us to 4 women and their life stories. This article is about their children:

The impact of FASD on the life’s of Serenity age 6, Jacob age 9, Elaine age 10 and Elijah age 8. 238 more words


What you don't know about drinking and pregnancy: Four mothers tell their stories

Before they even realized that they were pregnant, alcohol was already causing damage to the growing fetus in their womb. Alcohol was killing their children’s brain cells. 38 more words