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Fête des Lumières- Lyon, France

The first week of December, 7 of us Au Pairs decided to take a day trip to Lyon for the Fête des Lumières.  The city is just under a two hour drive from Annecy, so we piled into the white Mazda 5 mini van I drive here, and off we went.   120 more words

I've Lost Count of What Week it is: Fete des Lumieres

Well, I gave it my best try, but turns out weekly vlogging isn’t as gripping an endeavor when you’ve just been sat in your apartment studying for exams all week. 95 more words


Stranger in a Strange Land

It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve last posted, which means I’m reaching the point of the year where I’m so busy that I completely forget to blog. 1,186 more words


Ten Days Traveling: Part 1, Lyon

Here it is, finally – my first post on a place that’s outside of England! (Although, it shouldn’t be, I’ve just been to lazy to polish up and publish my Paris blog post from August… I’ll get to that very soon, I promise.) 477 more words


Lyon and Christmas parties

Last weekend I went to Lyon for the Fête des Lumières. The whole of Lyon is filled with light displays, installations and people (something like 3 million per day)!  252 more words

La Fête Des Lumières

Each year on December 8, the city of Lyon is illuminated by candles placed on balconies and window sills. I was told my weekend host that the tradition started as a way to show gratitude towards the Virgin Mary for saving Lyon from the plague. 1,160 more words


Lyon et la Fête des Lumières

For those of you who don’t know, La Fête des Lumières is a lights festival held every year in Lyon. It’s actually a Catholic holiday to honour the Virgin Mary who protects the city…or something like that. 489 more words