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I Am Not Your Damn Fetish

Dating is stressful cuh. After spending two years with the same guy, I totally forgot how annoying dating is. You’ve gotta go places to meet people, then talk to them to get to know them, then weed through all the nonsense to figure out who’s sane and who’s batshit crazy. 670 more words

Unpopular Opinion

Lovebound: An Intro to Fetish Fashion

Come one, come all, to the blog that is Die Blondie! Today we’re talking about Fetish-inspired Gothic looks, a movement that was extremely popular during the 80’s with brands like Lip Service, which is still prevalent today. 575 more words

Fashion Photography

@@@ Fetish Fantasy Series First-Timer"s Cuffs (Package Of 4) reviews

Fetish Fantasy Series First-Timer”s Cuffs (Package Of 4)

Fetish Fantasy Series First-Timer”s Cuffs (Package Of 4). If you looking for Fetish Fantasy Series First-Timer”s Cuffs (Package Of 4). 86 more words

Flirting with a Fetish

Last weekend, some friends and I made chicken curry and opened a bottle of pinot, which, (un)expectedly, provided the perfect setting for a conversation about sex.  476 more words

The Stories

I met Kevin sooner than I had expected, the very next day in fact. I could see that he was feeling better outside that atmosphere. I didn’t want to push him to talk about how he felt anymore, so I just asked for stories. 674 more words