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Schoolgirl Fantasy

The schoolgirl fantasy is one of the most common fantasies among men (not just those who use the services of sex workers. I have written about my liking for (legal) teens on several occasions. 410 more words

You've Got a Friend in Porn

INTERNET PORN HAS CHANGED US ALL. When I was a kid I couldn’t even have imagined what I would eventually bare witness to spelunking the caverns of the interweb. 539 more words

The Religion of Femdom

This is not a true story, neither is it really a piece of erotic fiction. It is a fantasy. The Mistress is not based on anyone I have ever played with although my fantasy does incorporate a couple of elements of actual scenes. 1,103 more words

When Your Sub Doesn't Want To Be A Sub

Last night as I was holding R’s throat I used my other hand to scratch him across the chest, and he recoiled from me. He yelped, pulled away, and gave me this look as if I had done something terrible to him. 535 more words


New Series - Diary of a Breeder

Nathan Hershaw is a man of class with quite the taboo fetish: he loves to breed women. Nothing excites him more than impregnating a woman and over the years he has done so several times at the behest of several beautiful women. 54 more words


It’s been a very busy three weeks. I’ve managed to play twice this month and a third play date is set for next week. (I’ll dedicate a post on those this weekend.) Mainly I’ve been reflecting on my bdsm journey. 237 more words


Porn Star Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charges — Abuse Fetish Videos Among ‘The Most Horrific We’ve Ever Seen,’ Says PETA

Shooting rabbits, decapitating chickens, setting rats on fire: It sounds too sickening to be true, but sadly, one pornographic actress made a living committing these sorts of crimes in fetish videos. 314 more words