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Love is Not the Supplement or the Lack: No Symbolic Identity

Terrible constructs of lust derive the lack as the shape of desperation for identity. Lacan says that love is the supplement to the lack of sexual rapport. 552 more words


“The war which is coming is not the first one” – MART, until 20 September 2015

Peace is a new idea. As a matter of fact, today we witness the decay of the world that was born in 1945 on the ruins of Europe and whose golden rule was: keep the peace … The collapse of peace is the outcome of the temptation of force, which prevails in the West. 1,365 more words


Quick Note on "Privilege"

I thought I’d write a bit about everyone’s favourite contemporary buzzword.

The general idea is that privilege refers to a person’s inherent social and economic advantages granted by certain generational or biological factors. 491 more words


The Case Against Typewriters

First, Tom Hanks shocked and awed us with “Alan Bean Plus Four,” a casual reminder of baby boomer tyranny masquerading as short fiction in the… 493 more words


Normophilic Privilege Revisited

Content warning: passing mention of pedophilia, suicide, and dubious consent.

Alright, so, it seems that the tumblr callout machine (I fucking hate tumblr callout culture, it is such useless bullshit) has gotten hold of the… 1,527 more words