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Perilous Play: The Real Fifty Shades by Suz deMello

The cover of Perilous Play states: based on a true story. The fact is, very little in this memoir is fiction.

Places and names have been changed.

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My Message About Fetlife

I love the friends I have met here. I truly do hope to keep myself here and continue networking with them, get to more events, and build a better friendship with everyone. 487 more words


Exploring kinks and fetishes

Recently, I registered and set up a profile on FetLife, which is being marketed as a Facebook for kinksters. My first two “friends” on FL are actually people I met through SA but haven’t met in real life yet. 136 more words

Sugar Baby

Can't save the damsel if she loves the distress......


There are so many “how-to” guides on BDSM and D/s and M/s and DD/lg and Master/Pet and this and that…. It’s really fucking hard to know exactly what is real and what is not. 805 more words



As the new year continues on I am doing my best to maintain that promise I made to let go of the baggage of the years before. 345 more words


Bad Daddy

Every time I start to think I have my shit together, I quickly realize it’s an illusion. I’m still making bad choices.  Worse than that, I am still… 606 more words

Graciously Bruised.

Another day of writer’s block and I think to myself,”Wow! This sucks!”. Same routine; Coffee, fetlife, WordPress…. And Kaboom another topic strikes me.

Bruises & Marks. 592 more words