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Real Life, Sweet Life, Fetlife

Real Life: Making great friends that understand me. Fighting through our miscommunications and my ridiculous tendency to top from the bottom… not always easy to recognize. 90 more words

Conquering Fear

Fetlife Love

Always fascinated by fetlife. There are so many ways to boost up the vanilla style. I’m just past 60 and I’m sad to tell I didn’t develop my Dom side until less than a year ago. 206 more words

I’ve Been Into BDSM Since I Can Remember

“You’re very interested in punishments, aren’t you?” my mother observed in bemusement when I asked her why the twins in the original Parent Trap were forced to wash all the dishes at their summer camp. 672 more words

What's In a Name...

I should change all my profile names to TheOnlyMonogamousPersonLeftInTheWorld…


The Doctor and Bedrooms to Spare

I have officially placed myself in the crazy category.

This week was my first full week back with students. It has been hell physically and emotionally on my body.   629 more words

Hiatus and leanings.

So, I’ve been on an insane hiatus from BDSM due to work. (About 2 months) It makes me sad and happy because while I’m missing out on events/play time, I’m that much closer to buying a house. 170 more words

Bag of Tricks

Editor (a.k.a Carmina)’s note:

I’m getting a teeny bit bored of my video narrations. Rather than read verbatim off my written post (with some ad-libbing and facial gymnastics here and there), I’m going to change it up from here on out. 2,291 more words