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The "WTF" in my inboxes

Later I’ll write something about the *right* way to get your online dating on, but today is the fails.

may i send you my photo for your approval? 296 more words


Random thoughts - beginnings of a rant

“The Gift of Submission”

“Know why you submit to Me as I lay claim apon you….”

The two above quotes, are examples of the type of thing I hear daily… From internet rhetoric to romanticizing the position of a dominant (2nd quote is a direct copy/paste from a writing, yes i know its spelled Upon). 312 more words


Learning New Things in Blogging Class !

Greetings everyone I’m in my first of three blogging classes and I am greatly looking forward to broadening my horizons with the knowledge that I need in order to learn even more about keeping a blog. 98 more words


The Tower of Change

I seem to be at a loss for exactly what to type about but still want to post, so let’s see where we go.

I finally updated my profile for Fetlife. 652 more words


Too Bad, So Sad...

I’ve missed a couple of Fet Life events I signed up for. Being the responsible adult that I am, I sent a message to the hosts letting them know that I was unable to attend as planned. 50 more words


Where do the Christian Greys hang out?

…when they’re not jetting around the world or running multimillion-dollar businesses, that is? OK so let’s just acknowledge that the super-rich part is more likely to stay in the realm of fantasy for most people. 266 more words

Real Life, Sweet Life, Fetlife

Real Life: Making great friends that understand me. Fighting through our miscommunications and my ridiculous tendency to top from the bottom… not always easy to recognize. 90 more words

Conquering Fear