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Dark Matters....

So recently, I have been missing my girl. She is currently out-of-state handling some old wounds and I’m really happy that she is taking care of the much-needed things right now. 526 more words


I can't seem to stop pissing people off...

I gone and done it again… pissed off the moral gods and goddesses of FetLife with my opinion.

A person on my friends list posted a “writing” about an relationship style in the BDSM community and abuse (emotional abuse to be specific), after reading it (a couple of times) I interpreted it as saying, the BDSM/Leather community should police peoples relationships and not show respect to Masters who are determined to be abusers by the general opinion of people watching the relationship from the outside. 1,324 more words


Dear John (Baku)

Dear John,

It’s not me… it’s you.

i’m still here, dude… i got yer back… but you left me hanging again.

i support you… i mean… i actually clicked that link and supported you. 18 more words

Real Life

Three words to remember in BDSM

These words have probably been repeated thousands of time, but they are the words are the difference between abuse and BDSM – and the difference of Fifty Shades of Gray and 1001 Dark Nights. 116 more words


Kink Social Media

It’s undeniable that the BDSM/Fetish/Kink (Whatever you refer to it as!) has flourished exponentially throughout the years, and the way we communicate has also evolved from asking someone in a cafe or a bar. 161 more words



Ok I’m trying to pic a good dom and I kno they r supposed to pick me . Just a little frustrated right now bc I kno that I’m ready for one just can’t decide I need help !!!

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We Don't D/s. We M/s, Can We Stop Beating the Dead Horse ?

I often hear stories about how in the old days BDSM was “underground” or hidden from the general public. I can kind of empathize with that thanks to a current situation W/we find ourselvesĀ  in, in our local community. 652 more words