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Ok I’m trying to pic a good dom and I kno they r supposed to pick me . Just a little frustrated right now bc I kno that I’m ready for one just can’t decide I need help !!!

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We Don't D/s. We M/s, Can We Stop Beating the Dead Horse ?

I often hear stories about how in the old days BDSM was “underground” or hidden from the general public. I can kind of empathize with that thanks to a current situation W/we find ourselvesĀ  in, in our local community. 652 more words


Learning Grammer and Spelling / Budgeting !

This is an ongoing thing for me and I plan on finding an English class that I can take in order to get even better at this. 208 more words



Since I am still awake.

Another hotel encounter.

It didn’t start in a hotel though.

It was a spur of the moment “let’s go out tonight” kind of thing. 345 more words



Mister Mystery.

I was always intrigued in having a mysterious encounter. So I finally went for one. We agreed into him getting a hotel room and having the key set somewhere for me. 705 more words



My husband told me to find a partner. So at the time we weren’t looking for anything too serious. So I figured CL would work ( I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but finding a hookup on here is…….like watching molasses going uphill in the middle of winter ) I found a guy. 979 more words



They were an adorable couple.
She was bi-curious
He was straight

She wanted to try out her first girl-on-girl action. Which, I’m always all about! 242 more words