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A lovely message

I received a lovely message on Fetlife from a Dom in another city.

” You are prepared to be vulnerable and reflect on what things have been painful without turning cynical, this is a measure of resilience and perhaps helps explain why being a submissive works well for you. 24 more words

Thirty Something

The Imperfect Subs' Charter

I read this absolutely wonderful touching text on the flaws of dominants on fetlife and I wanted to use it as a template to write about the weaknesses that I as a sub must be aware of in myself. 793 more words

Aspergers, BDSM, and Mastery and slavery... why it works for me.

It seems that I’ve been on a posting frenzy this week… it happens :)

I’m going to combine my three favorite, current,obsessions; Master/slave relationships, BDSM and Aspergers/ASD. 1,527 more words


The FetLife short bus strikes again...

Recently this popped up in my fetlife feed, from a local group post (edited to protect the not-so-innocent)

It seems we have a real loser as listed above that is emailing all the young girls on Fetlife in our community stating words to the effect of how do they feel their meatholes are better than other girls meatholes and asking which of the holes he can abuse first. 346 more words


Getting back in the saddle

Good morning, my loves! You’ll have to forgive me for disappearing for a hot second, work was absolutely insane. I’ve officially opened my last show of the school year at my new job and I’m thrilled to say they’ve decided to let me come back and hang out again next year. 923 more words

fuck your fetlife


My Advice for Newbies upon Entering the BDSM Scene

So you’ve just discovered this great new world of BDSM, heard that people meet up and do a whole range of things together. You are interested in learning some more about the ‘lifestyle’ (whatever that means) but you really have no idea where to begin. 459 more words