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Working out the kinks

I haven’t updated in the last day or so because I’ve been knee deep in copywriting assignments so haven’t had a chance to record my further experiences into Fetlife.   863 more words

Finding Eva

Fetlife first forays

So I’ve been getting messages on Fetlife.  After intially wondering if anyone would notice little old me I found out I needen’t have worried.  I joined a couple of groups, posted on a few threads in the message boards and uploaded a partial facial pic, and hey presto, seems that was enough to catch the attention of some doms out there. 578 more words

Finding Eva


The weather is dark and gloomy as winter is settling in. It matches my internal battle. I’m tired. I don’t know why. I’m just exhausted I want to sleep. 891 more words

Journal Entries 2014

Fifty Shades of Eva

So I have a confession to make.  Today I signed up for a Fetlife account, for what reasons exactly I know not what, only in the vague hope that somehow, something will happen. 420 more words

Finding Eva

Dark Matters....

So recently, I have been missing my girl. She is currently out-of-state handling some old wounds and I’m really happy that she is taking care of the much-needed things right now. 526 more words


I can't seem to stop pissing people off...

I gone and done it again… pissed off the moral gods and goddesses of FetLife with my opinion.

A person on my friends list posted a “writing” about an relationship style in the BDSM community and abuse (emotional abuse to be specific), after reading it (a couple of times) I interpreted it as saying, the BDSM/Leather community should police peoples relationships and not show respect to Masters who are determined to be abusers by the general opinion of people watching the relationship from the outside. 1,324 more words


Dear John (Baku)

Dear John,

It’s not me… it’s you.

i’m still here, dude… i got yer back… but you left me hanging again.

i support you… i mean… i actually clicked that link and supported you. 18 more words

Real Life