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Ellen Barkin Hates Me

If someone disagrees with you, that is not hate. But, if someone disagrees with you and you want that person dead, that is hate. Ellen Barkin is a hater. 788 more words



In my dark womb grows a fetus
Paying no heed to my pain,
Armless, still it flails
Stirring up a wound
That will never leave me. 200 more words

Embryos in a Fridege: A question for pro-lifers

Here is a hypothetical situation presented to me a while back, that I
figured I thought to be a good conversation starter.  This goes out to the pro-lifers out… 429 more words


The Dodge City Partial Abortion Scheme (For Michael Cisco & Alexandre Bustillo)

UNHOLY FAMILY, out of ideas with two more timeslots to fill before Xmas, becomes a reality show by announcing that it’s always been one.

“All we’ve ever done is film what’s going on with you people,” it announces in a huge banner across the facade of City Hall. 1,739 more words

Harboring a fetus

So, what have I learned in the 7 months I’ve been harboring a fetus? Well, let me regale you.

1) What does it feel like? Weird. 256 more words