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Feeeeeever....Fever when you hold me tight!

Not. My body is very capable of giving me fever without anyone invading my personal space. And it’s the same feeling, too.

Forty degrees body temperature is the same feeling as being hardcore in love.  65 more words

Day 17 in the Oven

I suppose this poem doesn’t need a whole lot of set up.

The Fever

I truly hope you are all having a fantastic week, and I appreciate y’all stopping by and checking out my words.

Day forty eight.

Still sick & on my own.

No work tomorrow either. “Take care of yourself, Clarence”. Okay. I may try.

God bless bananas. It’s my third since yesterday. 25 more words

How a Fever Benefits Your Health

Source: Primal Docs, by David Jockers, DC

Most of our society lives with the idea that health is a state of “feeling good,” and “not being sick or diseased.” We fear contact with bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. 498 more words


Skär(snarare mörk)torsdag!

Idag struntade vi i öppna förskolan då Vidar sovit orolig inatt igen. Sovit och vaknat om vartannat. Han är förkyld vilket resulterar i att han lätt blir ledsen och att han är lite hängig. 148 more words

Vardag & Världsliga Ting

Day 35

Over 2 weeks off – not good – but that’s what a week of fever followed by a week of holiday then catching up on all missed those 2 weeks will do to you. 40 more words