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Every year we scour Singapore for 12 sensational local females. The risk-takers. The game changers. The ones whose motto is “darn it, let’s just go for it!” Join us over the next few weeks as we bring you each of our Fun Fearless Female finalists nominated by our team and you – the Cosmo readers. 222 more words

Fun & Fearless

I haven’t typed up a post on my computer in a very long while! Its distinctly odd to have to add my own apostrophes and actually spell things correctly. 566 more words

Personal Reflections

Antoine Griezmann signs to Atletico Madrid : for better or worst ?

A teenage boy, aged 13 left his hometown Mâcon (Alsace, France; hence  his german sound surname),  for no Youth Football Academy wanted  him as student;  10 years later, after shining with France’s first team in World Cup 2014  Antoine Griezmann courted by big spenders AS Monaco, PSG  and Premiere League’s Tottenham, signed to Atletico Madrid, for 30M euros  transfer fee. 283 more words

Atlético Madrid

breathing awareness ~ day four

step 1

these are getting so much better!  i’m still tight in my neck and shoulders but i can feel it giving in, slowly.  also, the “wet sand” in my head seems to be drying up, the load is getting lighter. 429 more words


Flash Fiction Fridays

Delayed. Again. Mara ran a hand through her hair, frustrated. There was no way she would get home in time for her daughter’s birthday at this rate. 842 more words


Alright I lied... Favorite Finding Friday IV

So, I couldn’t stay away. Literally it may actually have been killing me.

As you all know, my birthday was this past Tuesday. And honestly how could I pass up the opportunity to try out new restaurant?? 212 more words


breathing awareness ~ day three

step 1

i had a really hard time focusing at first.  it took me a couple of minutes to really get into it, but once i did it was fine. 417 more words