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Alfresco 4 : Thumbnail generation explained

Alfresco has developed a mechanism to easily generate thumbnails of each document. Alfresco uses thumbnails at different places, the most common case is the thumbnails displayed in the document library. 446 more words


ALAC to flac

In migrating my audio library from my Mac system to Linux (more on that move later), I wanted to convert all the Apple lossless files to flac.  291 more words


How to make a video from list of images?

You have lot of libraries and code which are readily available to make an api, which will create a video of desired format from a list of images. 89 more words


Compiling FFmpeg with libx264 and libfdk_aac under Cygwin without Mingw32

After many days and nights – I have been through many battles. One battle involved my scratching of my head many times. This battle is me trying to build FFmpeg with Cygwin. 1,740 more words


[Animation, Keynote & FFMPEG]

Because I’m halfway done with exams and there are two more papers left, but why mug so hard when you’ve been attentively¬†listening in lectures and diligently doing your tutorials the entire semester? 290 more words


Fixing broken .m4v movies made in Matlab

I made a few ten-minute movies in Matlab composed of 1-second clips from BBC Earth, encoded as H.264, to use as visual stimuli. They played fine on Windows but would stop at the 170 second mark in Quicktime on Mac. 88 more words


How to install FFMPEG on Ubuntu

The FFMPEG project has forked into the LibAV project. Ubuntu ships with the LibAV (libav-tools) package instead of FFMPEG. However, I found that the… 64 more words