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Converting audio files en masse

We recently got a new (used) family van that has a 40 gig hard drive in the dash to store MP3 files. Problem is, a lot of my audio files were stored as M4A, which the van doesn’t have a codex for. 191 more words


Problems with x264 MPEG TS streaming - receiver dropping frames


It was a hard week of research. I encountered many problems with receiving a “corrupted” x254 Mpeg TS with FFmpeg. Same setting, different codec(x265) and everything works fine. 341 more words


Internet wireless webcam : Arduino vs Raspberry Pi ( Motion vs MJPG vs FFMPEG vs AVCONV)

This is a baby project, but it is quite interesting.

I had an old USB camera, a Raspberry pi and  an old USB wifi. Want to use them to build a wireless internet webcam, which can be used as surveillance camera. 616 more words


Dilemma with Constant Rate Factor

Hi everybody!

Today I am interested in one parameter called Constant Rate Factor (later CRF) and I will use Peak Signal to Noise ratio metric (later PSNR ) to assess it. 371 more words


Convert MP4 to AVI, playable at Panasonic TVs

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -s hd720 -vcodec mpeg4 -qscale 0 -ac 2 -acodec mp2 -ar 48000 -ab 192k -f avi -vtag XVID output.avi


First successful experiment!


Today it was a good day. Finally we managed to setup the whole environment. It looks something like this.

PC1-video source:


H.265/HEVC vs. H.264/Mpeg-4/AVC - the beginning


This is going to be my first post and also the post that I am going to review very often. The goals should be clear in order to keep track of my advancements. 151 more words