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SOLVED: Install ffmpeg on Mac Book

The following is quick and easy method.
The Minimum Requirements
• An Intel CPU
• OS X 10.5 or higher
• Command Line Tools for Xcode: xcode-select –install,  208 more words

Apple Hardware

Trim HLS stream with frame accuracy using ffmpeg and Bash script


The main idea of this post is to practise with ffmpeg and write down my experiences, issues that I have found, possible solutions, etc. To achieve that I developed a group of bash scripts that are able to trim a HLS stream using… 3,123 more words

Papers & Articles

Convert videos, audio and image sequences quickly and efficiently.

Ok, sometimes you need a quick way to convert image sequence to video clip, join clips, rip audio, mux audio from other clip, deinterlace footage (anybody still shooting interlaced videos? 958 more words


Linux: Extract audio and video using ffmpeg

Today I had some mp4 video files and I wanted to extract the audio and video into separate files. So to do that you can do the following: 50 more words


How to compile naclports (ffmpeg)

1) Download the nacl_sdk. (https://developer.chrome.com/native-client/devguide/tutorial/tutorial-part1)
2) cd nacl_sdk; ./naclsdk //will show all the possible commands
3) ./naclsdk update will install/update the nacl_sdk.
4) ls will show that you have installed folders. 231 more words


Read input from memory buffer in ffmpeg.

The aim is to read input from memory buffer instead of file, pipe, etc in ffmpeg.

1) Do the normal configure, make. This will generate config.h with all the macros depending upon the choices you made when configuring the ffmpeg. 649 more words


SAP Explained - Tổng hợp SAP - SAP là gì?

Sắp month-end rồi. Tranh thủ chút thời gian rảnh rổi ngồi dịch series SAP explained này cho hâu thế vậy.

Đầu tiên, xin khẳng định là SAP ở đây không phải là phần mềm dùng để tính kết cấu trong xây dựng, vì thế, ai đang mong chờ bê tông, cốt thép,xi măng, giàn giáo, giá đỡ … thì xin mời bấm vô nút close(x) hoặc back (<=) để rời khỏi đây cho đỡ mất thời gian J. 2,089 more words


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