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Fixing broken .m4v movies made in Matlab

I made a few ten-minute movies in Matlab composed of 1-second clips from BBC Earth, encoded as H.264, to use as visual stimuli. They played fine on Windows but would stop at the 170 second mark in Quicktime on Mac. 88 more words


How to install FFMPEG on Ubuntu

The FFMPEG project has forked into the LibAV project. Ubuntu ships with the LibAV (libav-tools) package instead of FFMPEG. However, I found that the… 64 more words

How to convert images to video using FFMPEG

FFMPEG has forked into the LibAV project and Ubuntu only ships LibAV. However, I found that only FFMPEG worked correctly with filename patterns for me. You can find out how to install FFMPEG on Ubuntu… 60 more words

Install ffmpeg-php on CentOS 6 with DirectAdmin

In this post, we will show you how to install ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php on a CentOS 6 VPS with a DirectAdmin control panel. FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework capable of decoding, encoding, transcoding, recording, converting and streaming digital audio Continue reading… 7 more words

Creating Stop Motion Video

For fun today, Jesse constructed a stop motion scene with legos and a hand-drawn backdrop. Meanwhile, I wrote an animation process. I wrote it as two scripts: one to resize input from my camera, the other to actually animate the pictures. 248 more words


I hear there's a problem with playing satellite audio...

You may not realize it but when you run a backend such as TVHeadEnd with a satellite tuner card or device for the purpose of recording or viewing Free-To-Air signals in North America, and then use XBMC/Kodi as your frontend, there’s a good chance you are not hearing the audio correctly on some channels, particularly if you have a multi-channel audio system (5.1 or better). 1,009 more words


How to use a remote firewire port and transcode DV video locally with ffmpeg

I recently moved into another appartment and found some old VHS tapes I recorded years ago. As luck would have it, I got my hands on a VCR and a MiniDV camcorder with builtin ADC, so I can get analog video signals into the MiniDV camcorder. 356 more words

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