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Project Idea: Video Bit Scope

One of the problems with using file based metadata is that you only see what that file is capable of, not what it actually contains. An 8-bit image could be saved as a 24-bit image file. 508 more words


FFprobe + Python = automatic metadata records

Just about everyone I know in AV preservation loves ffmpeg and with good reason. It’s the perfect Swiss Army knife for video conversion. It handles just about every format ever made, it’s command line so it’s easy to write scripts for it, and best of all, it’s free. 366 more words


Chromium Youtube issues

Youtube not loading, no audio/video?

install chromium-ffmpegsumo
(and let it uninstall any other pack if conflict resolution)


Fixing the audio on recorded programs from a certain network (which shall remain nameless)

I have said that I won’t mention any specific channels or networks you can receive in North America by name (with specific exceptions), but if you receive channels from either the Ku-band side of AMC-1 or the C-band side of AMC-18 you have probably encountered some channels with split up audio, where various channels are sent on different streams. 460 more words



FFmpeg4Android is a way your application can run FFmpeg commands,  only Java, no need for C code, or NDK.

FFmpeg4Android is now using FFmpeg 2.0 as its code base. 1,982 more words

merge audio and video from youtube.

Recently youtube has separated the video and audio file while you download stuff from it.

You might end up with 2 mp4 files: one for video and other for audio. 2,126 more words