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In Which Sophisticated Theology(tm) is served

Frequently, in the godless heathen circles of the internet that I frequent, theologians can be seen berating non-believers and non-theologians for criticising religion the way the vast majority of believers practice it, then recommending their own proprietary version of God be studied and apprehended fully before atheism (or even moderate faith) is a viable, intellectually honest option. 299 more words

Theme-Induced Anxiety

I have been wrestling with the look/layout of my blog for months. Months.

Energy better invested in actually writing blog posts? Yes.

Could I stop tinkering with it? 276 more words


Everyone’s favourite segment is back – and the Sydney edition does not disappoint!

Here are some of my favourite messages I received within less than 24 hours of being signed up to POF Sydney - 56 more words



The sheer endless maze of tracks at the Zurich main station during a wonderful sunset – the light rarely gets better than this.


Go to weight watchers, they said... It's Simple, they said

This one time I ate too much. Now I’m fat… SO I joined weight watchers… erm, like 5 months ago and not much has happened. I’ve lost a few pounds here and there. 164 more words


Leeds, and the changing face of me...

Hi all. It’s really warm tonight, one of those nasty sticky evenings when I pray for a massive thunderstorm to clear the air. There was a pretty big one last night, but it didn’t do much other than keep me awake! 859 more words

Transitioning Stuff