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I met your new boyfriend

A friendly chat between me, and me.

“So, uh, did you meet her new boyfriend, Tom? What did you think of him?”

“Meh, he was OK, I guess? 401 more words

Forever Flying Solo.

The last one was intended vulgarity.
I’m a one woman show. I’ve done most things in my life completely alone.
To the most basic of sleeping and eating alone, which is not the gloomiest cloud. 290 more words

Lady Caerulean


I’ve been waiting for this moment to come true :’) no more lacing my own shows… I HAVE MY OWN PEASANT(S) :’D

*credits to 9gag.com

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Asking For Help

Help Fund My Transition

It’s not easy asking for help.
I have reservations about it.
I feel awkward.
But getting the help I need to feel more like myself is important. 71 more words

Two Weeks of Recovery

So I’ve been a little more lax than I originally intended in making updates here. I figured two weeks in was a good chance for another update and to make it look like I ‘planned’ to do it today rather than I was just slacking since my last update. 586 more words


The Twelfth Day of Christmas: In which I have ANOTHER cold.

I can’t believe it. I am gutted. I must have caught it off that Maths guy I was out with the other night. Considering I just had TWO consecutive bouts of flu that used up a whole month of my life and that I am just barely recovered from, this is terrible news. 114 more words